Welcome to our 30 Day Mindful Living Challenge! Aka 30 days of yoga practice or mediation of any kind.  I wanted to create this challenge as way to invite others to explore how my day-to-day practices have improved my overall well being.  I strongly believe the way we begin each day and the way we condition our thoughts and practices deeply impact our happiness.  I want to encourage others to practice an intentional, mindful life so they can better understand the power of our own selves and the choices we make and thoughts we create.

This challenge is entirely up to you how you want to do it.  There is zero pressure but the goal is to get on your mat at least once a day.  You can go to a yoga studio, follow guided practices online or simply meditate but you must create the time and energy for yourself for at least 30 minutes a day.  Simply check in by commenting on my photo of the day on Instagram saying “I did it” “done” and emoji etc.  This way we can hold each other accountable, create conversations with one another and have a community to connect with or ask questions.

Be mindful that this is a process and a lifestyle.  Learning the techniques and strategies can take time but never be discouraged going into a class.  Learn from the person next to you/behind you/in front of you, connect to the energy in the room and get support from your instructor or online resources.  The thing that has drawn me to yoga the most is the lack of competition, how the practice encourages you to focus on your soul, not your ego.  

Understand that yoga is about connecting your mind, body and soul.  Integrate this into all aspects of your life, not just on your mat.  




Remember there is no ego in yoga.  Nobody is watching you, nobody is minding what you are doing on your mat and the same should manifest within yourself.  

When choosing a yoga mat, choose one that will support your body on the floor and will ensure a comfortable practice.  Make sure to connect with your instructor to help with tips to not slipping on your mat (hand technique, positioning etc).  

Try to get blocks if you’re practicing at home, but in studio they always have ones you can borrow.

When selecting a practice find what your body desires and a balance between challenge and surrender.  Find a qualified instructor who makes it a positive uplifting experience.  


I strongly believe that how we feel on the inside can directly impact how we feel overall.  I encourage you during these 30 days to try and incorporate mostly, whole plant based foods.  I believe that compassion can begin on our plates.  Reducing the consumption of animal products can connect to inner peace and overall well being.  I believe in filling our bodies with mostly whole foods while finding a balance for snacks and treats.


Make sure you’re following along on my oils account (@thisdreamcatcherlife)  so you can see how I integrate oils into my everyday, which oils I swear by, and why being part of a community can benefit your oily journey.  If you have any questions about oils, send me a message over there or check out my oils page on my blog.

Essential oils can really deepen your practice and connect you to your inner self.  They also provide physiological supports that have been used for years.  I love to encourage people to work together with their doctor because I personally believe in combination therapies and it should never replace the advice or recommendations of your physician.  I also like working with a medical team because the internet can spread a lot of false information.  

Some of my favourites to diffuse during practice are lemongrass, sage and purification.  I also love to make a lemongrass towel if I’m practicing at home and most studios will also offer this after a practice. Lemongrass is known for acting as a nervine or calmative so when inhaled it can enhance relaxation which is why it has been used during practice for centuries.  It also has antibacterial properties to it which is also why the cold lemongrass towels are used after practice.  Here are some recipes I use to deepen my yoga practice, practice self care or clean up after yoga.

For a larger Spray Bottle

1 cup of water
1/4 cup of witch hazel
8 drops of lemongrass
8 drops of tea tree oil
5 drops of purification
5 drops of lemon

3 drops of lemongrass
3 drops of purification
2 drops of sage

To enhance calm before practice, apply directly to your mat.
4 oz bottle

1 tbsp of with hazel
10 drops of sage
10 drops of lavender
Fill the rest with water

This roller will offer deep muscle relief and anti-inflammatory properties post practice.  Roll directly on sore muscles.

10-20 drops of Pan Away
10 drops of Copaiba 
Fill rest of roller with fractionated coconut oil


2 drops of frankincense
2 drops of sandalwood
2 drops of bergamot
1 drop of cedarwood 

I love this blend for a balance between energizing and relaxation to start my day.

2 drops of citrus fresh
2 drops of lavender
2 drops of stress away

If you’ve practiced hot yoga for a while you know those smells are difficult to combat.  I love this formula to help eliminate and manage those inevitable odours.  

1/4 cup of thieves laundry soap
6 drops of purification 
1 tbsp of white vinegar 

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