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Full Look from Albion Fit, Yoga Mat 

To me yoga isn’t anything much other than a science.  When I’m on my mat, I’m granted inner peace while providing a physical benefit to my body. It is a science of integrating mind, body and soul.  

I am a strong believer in living a healthy lifestyle. I started following a plant-based-diet for my beliefs but quickly became aware of the health benefits from it as well. With that being said I am human. I drink beer on occasion, eat junk food periodically and don’t always hit my mat as often as I should.

In efforts to live truer to who I am and what I believe in I wanted to start sharing these aspects of my life with you all.  Which does nothing more than force me to put on my tights and get moving–something I’ve always been so passionate about.  I’m planning on sharing things I do to stay active, some routines that are my favourite and quick little workouts you can get in whenever you have an extra 10 minutes, is this something you would like to see more of? I know how hard it can be to actually get going and I want to be a support system and encourager for you all.

One of my biggest secrets to living a healthy lifestyle is to have the right goodies to go with it.  Nothing makes you more excited to work out than some new yoga pants, sneakers you can’t wait to break in or a mat that will create a new sacred ground for you to explore.  This gorgeous little get up is form one of my favourites, Albion Fit.  You’ll find the perfect little pieces and they are one of my number one go to’s when I’m looking for something extra cute to work out in.

Winter is just saying it’s goodbyes (or at least it better not be teasing me), so I was wearing two shirts under this zip up making it look a little more top-heavy than it actually is.  The wind was brutal and kept knocking me out of my darn tree pose (haha).   I’ve attached some fitness essentials I can’t live without on top of this adorable outfit.

I personally love to practice hot yoga because it pushes me further into poses and challenges me appropriately.  If hot yoga isn’t you’re thing thats okay, most studios offer warm and non heated as well.  My new studio offers Ariel I can’t wait to try it out! I’ll let you know how it goes.   

workout apparel from albion fit stripe pants from albion fit

zip up from albion fit fitness apparel for working out mint green zip up from albion fit

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