Morning Loves! SO I know that blogging can appear to be the most glamorous thing in the world but the truth is–it isn’t.  There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that take a lot of work and effort to make everything look “perfect”.  It’s certainly one thing I hate about blogging and this is why I always try to be transparent with you guys.  When I’m having a shitty day, I let you know.  When I’m struggling, I share that. I wanted to let you guys know this incase it ever appeared differently.

It is so easy to get caught up in these perfect worlds everyone creates on the internet and forget that we are all human.  It seems impossible not to compare your daily life with the perfect personas that you see on Instagram everyday.  Social media is a place where people intentionally make things look good.  Before I started my Instagram for blogging I would never take a selfie for the life of me, I would post photos of me in a bikini any day and my pile of laundry was quite possibly the most interesting thing that hit my feed.

We have to remind our selves that this transition our world is making is almost toxic so I’m going to make a better effort to post more organically and less professionally (even though I’m far from profesh).   Would you look at that?  I don’t just wake up with my hair perfectly curled, makeup on and my house is not always picture perfect. In fact it’s more often than not the complete opposite.  So, cheers to 20 things I bet you didn’t know about me.  P.S. If you have me on twitter you’ll see these not so glamorous moments all the time.   

20 Things About Me (Inspired by Alyson Haley)

1. I am only 5’3.

2. I do not consider myself a fashion blogger.  When people ask why I haven’t attended fashion week I get all sorts of confused–that’s like me attending a World Of Warcraft Convention.

3. I hate shopping. Actually hate it, just love style which involves shopping.

4. I have the worlds worst eyebrows and I know it.  Can’t fix them no matter how hard I try. Not to mention I legit have a unibrow. This isn’t a joke, the two fully connect.

 5. I hate gifts.  Christmas, birthday, valentines…Tim’s a lucky guy.  Anything he ever gifts me better be sweet or he knows I’ll return it.

6. I had acne for a good portion of my life, like way after most humans get it.

7. I am extremely irritable when it comes to sounds.  If you eat next to me I’ll for sure need ear plugs because theres a 99% chance I’ll want to punch you (sorry).

8. My best and I were friends before we were born! Our moms were friends and pregnant with us at the same time.

9. I am obsessed with yoga.  It has completely changed the way I see life and how I deal with all the challenges that come my way.

10. My favourite job I’ve ever had was at the Mustard Seed.  My dream job would have been a Talk Show Host (Silly Oprah) or I also wanted to start non-affiliated to anything charity that provided education on HIV/AIDS here and in Africa.  It is still one of Tim’s and I’s goals for sometime in the future. This is something we have only shared with a handful of people before.

11. I’d rather be by myself than with other people.

12. I am 100% Greek.  (Dr. blames the beard and unibrow on this.)

13. I find blogging to be not so glamourous.

14. I went to Greek school every Saturday morning my whole entire life, well until grade 12. Shitty right? At least my bff’s were there with me. 

15. My high school boyfriend lived across the street from me and we would use walkie talkies when our parents took our cell phones away from us at night.  OH my this one is funny. 

16. I chat with his now wife on the internet and really like her and think we would be good friends (haha I bet he LOVES this one).

17. I used to be 50 lbs heavier than I am now.

18. My dream would be to live on a beach with $50 in my pocket and three bathing suits hanging in my closet. Only my husband doesn’t like the sounds of this life and likes our first dream better. 

19. My mom legit came to Canada from Greece on a boat. 

20. My husbands nickname for me is Crumb Snatcher.



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