forever 21 knit cardiganSweater: Forever 21 / Hat: Zara / Skinny Jeans: Gap

Hello Monday and all you beauties! I hope this weekend was filled with good times and surrounded by the ones you love.  I can’t believe that Tim and I have started our IVF treatments, it’s actually so hard to believe.  You can follow our appointments, injections and more on YouTube, stay tuned today because a new video will be going up later on.  We specifically created a vlog for you guys so you can follow along with what’s happening and hopefully we can show it to our future baby one day.  I’m not naive, I know this process might not work but I also know that worrying and being negative won’t change the outcome. Since I’ve been practicing being more positive I have felt this HUGE weight being lifted off of my chest.  I have cried a lot less and have spent my time doing more of what I love.     

I’m exhausted, emotionally and physically, but we are really ready to take on this next challenge.  This process doesn’t seem like it’s the easiest but so far I feel fine (haha after day 1). It’s unreal looking how far we have come and how much different it feels not struggling in silence alone.  I know I say this so much but I am BEYOND grateful for each and every single one of you. You guys are what keep me believing, so Thank You. I hope today is good to you and the week is even better.

Make sure to subscribe! If you have any favourite infertility vloggers please leave their names in the comment section below! I have found so much help in others knowing exactly how I’ve been feeling for so long. xo E

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