By watching my Instagram stories you have probably come to realize that though I love healthy whole foods I also make space for treats.  I love fuelling our bodies with healthy nutrient dense foods most of the time but I also like to lived balanced and that means treats too.  When it comes to things that you can buy ready made I always try to make it at home first.  The more we make the less chance there is anything in it that we could live without.  These pico and guac recipes are so easy and taste better than any store bought option.  I promise! I know a lot of you are moms (and dads) and feel like the thing you have time for is cooking at home but the truth is that if you organize your time appropriately there is ALWAYS time to treat your body good.  Here are five things that have helped me continue to be in the kitchen with a little one year old.

First off, lets start by saying be good to YOU! Not all babies are the same and just because it looks really easy for someone else doesn’t mean it is for you.  Harlow went through a phase where I couldn’t put it down (without the worst cries in the world) for even a millisecond. I’m not exaggerating.  There were a lot of burrito and pizza nights in this house. I couldn’t even go pee by myself and my husband was working 12 hour days–all week long.  It was a mess.  Some words from my personal experience is accept where you are in your life and do the best you can.  We all have different schedules, different babies, different lives.  I LOVE to live slow and quietly and cooking is my passion so this makes it a lot easier for me.  That doesn’t mean the same for you.  Let’s not compare <3.  

Some tips to making some time to create healthy delicious foods for your family:

#1.  Find something your babe loves to do and occupy them with that while you cook.  Harlow loves books, toys, stuffies, playing with the dogs.  She also has a playroom right off of our kitchen so this helps a lot. If you have a place to set up a little play center by the kitchen do it.  Toy boxes and organized boxes can help the space look clean and still let babe have access to toys right by the kitchen.

#2. Cook when they nap.  I know they say sleep when baby sleeps, and sometimes I do, but most of the time I have shit to get done.  

#3.  Plan and organize your meals at the beginning of the week and get done what you can all in one day.  I do this on Mondays.   I love to plan my meals before I go to the store so I know exactly what I’m making and getting and then it doesn’t feel as daunting.  I’ll chop what I can and organize my fridge so it flows.  I know this sounds crazy but if it’s all shoved in there you won’t feel inspired to do anything.

#4. Get your help from your spouse and family (if this is an option).  This sounds crazy but Tim and I love grocery shopping together because we both hate it.  So we figure if we do it together it isn’t as miserable.  It doesn’t take as long as you think and if you do it together it doubles as quality time together and gets everything done faster.

#5.  Make it a priority. Fuelling our bodies with whole foods is a priority in our house because I’ve made it one.  We know that what we put into our bodies either serves us or works against us and while I’m not a preacher of living a perfect healthy life but I do believe that we can try our best to do our best.  This will only set you up for success.  Plus you’ll get to eat amazing delicious things! 

The pico recipe is below and you can find the guacamole recipe here.  Hope you LOVE it.  Add them to taco night, an appetizer when you have friends for dinner or just a plain old movie night.  Thanks for stopping by.  E


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  1. 5-8 roma tomatoes
  2. 1/2 red onion, chopped
  3. Handful of fresh cilantro, chopped
  4. Juice from one lime (or lemon)*
  5. 1/2-1 jalapeño depending on spice preference
  6. Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Add everything to a bowl, pour over fresh lime juice, salt and pepper and enjoy.
  1. *We use a lemon and lime interchangeably depending on what we have.
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