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Morning Girls!

I love how I’ve been asked about my skin lately…umm me!? You have no idea how that makes me feel.  I have definitely struggled in the skin department for many years.  If it wasn’t acne I was dealing with it was dullness and a lack of glow.  On top of naturally struggling with my skin, I’m postpartum as of 6 months ago, a bit hormonal and a little bit exhausted–my skin was definitely showing it.  

Over the years I have noticed my skin to be losing it’s natural radiance and some fine lines were starting to peak through.  I was feeling a bit desperate and knew I would do about anything to feel a radiant glow again.  To be honest, when Lancôme approached me to try their 2 in 1, 28 day Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel I was a little reluctant at first.  My skin is extremely sensitive and I’ve tried peels before that have left me irritated, bumpy and looking more dull than before I began.  

Thankfully, after using the Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel from Lancôme the results haven’t been like anything I’ve tried before (bless them).  The moment I started using this night peel my skin felt like it was changing for the better, starting to smooth out and the product was very soft on my skin.  I also have been struggling with the earliest signs of aging and I definitely noticed a slight improvement after the 28 days which was pretty impressive.  

I knew I wanted something that didn’t take a lot of my time or require me to go in for treatments, because, well what time lately?  The 2 phase liquid peel system is super easy as there is no rinse required.  Perfect for a new mom who has been adjusting to less sleep.  

For the first 14 days you apply the Phase 1 before bed and then on the 15th day you begin using Phase 2 for the remaining 14 days.  Phase 1, the endurance phase, helped prepare my skin and eliminate the dry dead cells leaving a more smooth radiant feel.  Phase 2, the acceleration phase, helped enhance and regenerate the skin smoothing the surface and visibility of fine lines as well as reducing the size of my pores.       

After the 28th day I can say I noticed my complexion is a lot more even, my early signs of wrinkles and fine lines are noticeably less pronounced, I have noticed a restored radiance and my pores look a little more tightened than I remember them being.  The best part is that my normally sensitive skin didn’t react negatively or become irritated which is always a problem for me and why I’m never willing to try something new in the first place.  If you’re struggling with a dull, uneven complexion and have worried about the sensitivity of peels, I would personally recommend adding this to your beauty regime.

I love having you stop by and can’t wait to hear how much you girls love it too so make sure you keep me posted.

Hugs, E

This post was done in collaboration with Lancôme.

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