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My loves! Hello! For those of you who do not know I am a Vegan (by choice, haha).  I believe in nourishing my body with 100% plant based nutrients and have felt amazing even since I became I vegan two years ago.  My decision to take on a plant-based diet was made over night and I have slowly transitioned my closet to cruelty free & animal free.  I do not believe those who wear animal products are awful humans I just personally try my hardest to buy all vegan products (this is for sure challenging but something I work very hard at).  Didn’t know vegan could look so cute did ya?  I’m kidding of course and just like most humans I make mistakes now and then and this is a process I will continually be working at.

I decided to become vegan for the rights of animals initially.  I read the book Skinny Bitch and knew this was something I believed in so strongly.  Ever since then I have been OBSESSED with anything and everything about animal rights. As times went on and the more I learned I realized it is incredible for our bodies as well.  So why not save the earth, the animals and myself?  It is amazing to see how many companies are slowly shifting to cruelty free and this makes me more than proud.  Mac, Essie, Loreal, have all recently stopped testing on animals.  Tarte is a company I am addicted to and love their product line for more than just their cruelty free beliefs.

SO, Why the cute dog with the little carrot in his mouth?  Well we have recently put our dogs on a Vegan Diet (V-dog to be specific) and I am so excited.  So to start, we are talking about dogs (not cats or any other cute little creature with four legs).  This product has been tested and is safe for DOGS.  Okay, so now that we got that straight let me continue.  After talking to my vet I was so excited to put my little rats on this vegan food I fell in love with after hours and hours of research and I hadn’t even tried it yet (not me personally but you know what I mean).  

To start them off I halved their V-dog food with their old food and  what happened after this was something my husband and I cannot wrap our heads around.  We completely mixed the two and every time we came back to their dish only the non-vegan food was remaining.  We were baffled and couldn’t believe what was happening.  So we continued this for about 2 weeks and they kept eating only the vegan food.  My husband thinks its because they make it taste extra delicious but I think it is because my babies know how to make good choices about what is best for their little bodies.  Since they are both so very small (3 lbs and 3.5 lbs) it is very important we care for them the best we can and do everything possible to help them live a longer healthier life.  They also are obsessed with the dog treats and when I had some shipped to me I chose the small breathbones which they loved! I bought some again at a local store here in Edmonton (attached to the Clever Rabbit) and chose the larger option which they obviously spent hours devouring, perhaps a little too much for their tiny tums but I couldn’t resist, they love them! The girls seem to be really content and I haven’t ever seen them enjoy food this much before, well other than the homemade vegan dish my mother-in-law prepares for them, talk about spoiling her grandchildren!

V-dog has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made and I suggest you head over to their site to read all the benefits about switching your dogs to a vegan diet.  If you feel for some reason a vegan diet isn’t for your dogs, please do your absolute hardest to read and educate yourselves on what is being put into the dog foods you are currently feeding them.  I love you all! Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little about me! Tag me in some dog pics, I wanna see!! Also when purchasing V-dog food make sure to use the discount convey10 for 10% off your purchase! 

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