Good Morning Girls! I wanted to share some of my favourite stores that are currently having Black Friday Sales.  Some of my favourites like my floral duvet and monogram mugs are all on sale! All the images below are clickable so just click on the item you like and it’ll take you to their site.  I tried to make this as easy as possible! I hope all you Americans had the most beautiful Thanksgiving and remember to feel that gratitude daily.

I’ve broken down the sales in different categories like kitchen, bedroom, closet etc!  You can also check out yesterday’s post here for 25% off all holiday! Have fun shopping!
xx E 

Favourite Sales Today:
Anthropologie (25% Off Everything) / Gap (50% Off Everything) / Old Navy (Up to 60% Off) / Urban Outfitters (Lots of Savings (haha)) / Free People (50% Off) / Asos (20% Off) / Banana Republic (Half Off Sweaters +  40% off rest of purchase), Nordstrom 


KITCHEN (25% off)

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Monogram Gold MugDetail Plate / Red Mug / French PressSwirled Symmetry Mug / Linen Napkin / Saga Mug / Folk Owl Mug / Petal Vines Cup and Saucer / Toujours Dinner Plate / Ruffled Linen Napkin / Verdant Bread Bin

BEDROOM (25% off)

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Snow Dusting Throw / Georgina Duvet / Hand Knit Sweater Throw / Rosette Quilt / Moroccan Wedding Pillow / Warm Welcome Throw / Shag Puff Pillow / Pleated Ruffles Bed Skirt / Rivulets Quilt / Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle /  Boulangerie Candle / Admiral Hanging Mirror 

TOPS & SWEATERS (50-25% off)

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Tova Button Down / Swing Pullover / Cabled Ballerina Pullover / Foxy Intarsia Pullover / Layered Namsen Pullover / Shimmered Hem Pullover / Danby Cardigan / Meja Pullover / Cloud Pullover / Washed Cuff Henley / By The Fire Sweater / Open Cardigan / Hilary Cardigan / Arianna Cardigan / Turtleneck Sweater / Pins and Needles Lace Trim Sweater / Olive and Oak Zipped Sweater / Ecote Curl Up Cardigan / Adri Front Zip Sweater / Unisex Shawl Cardigan Lace Duster Jacket

DRESSES (50-25% off)

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 El So Mini Dress / Pixie Dress / El So Mini Dress / Teardrop Pixie Dress  / Bonnie Dress / Ayu DressPeasant Dress / Cowled Sweater Dress / Apulia Pleated Dress 


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Cable Knit Pom Hat / Boyfriend Link Stich Hat / Cozy Fair Isle Socks / Waffle Knit Mittens / Cable Knit Pom Pink Hat / Infinity Scarf / Chunky Blanket Scarf / Oversized Square Scarf  / Liquorish Scarf


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