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It’s interesting to think the affects technology has on our eyes has barely been understood until now.  The amazing part of advancing technology is all the benefits it adds to our daily life (like what did we ever do without google or maps?) but it’s recently been brought to my attention the negative affects blue light from technology has on us as well.     

Studies are showing that the affects of blue light from tablets, iPhones, televisions, and computers are contributing to Computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain, dry eyes and headaches (info here).  Iris has recently introduced me to True Blue which are glasses you can wear (specific pair for indoor, nighttime or outdoor) to protect your eyes form the negative affects of blue light.

I have been very mindful to stay off of my phone/computer as much as possible since having Harlow.  I feel like the days are passing so quickly and the last thing I want to do is miss out on these precious moments with her because I was busy scrolling Instagram mindlessly.  I do however still believe in me time and some of those things I love to do involve being on the computer or tablet.  I’m very interested in learning about new healthy recipes or watching my favourite things online so even though I am more mindful I do catch my self still using technology.

Before Harlow, I loved having baths to relax so I try and make and effort to do so during her naps (when I’m not doing laundry, cooking or cleaning haha).  This is when I’ll catch up on Pinterest and pin a million and one food ideas or watch some videos on YouTube.  It’s so easy to grab my pair of TrueBlue glasses and protect my eyes as much as I can.  It makes a lot of sense to wear our UV protection sunglasses in the sun so I believe it is equally as important to do so when using a light source that is potentially damaging our eyes.  It is definitely a work in progress to remember to put them on but Tim and I are constantly reminding each other to use them.  Tim suffers from headaches so I’m interested to see if these over time will help reduce the frequency of them.  

Iris has a number of styles to choose from and investing in your health, eye health included, is always worth it.  I totally encourage you to stop in an Iris store to learn some more and pick up a pair for yourself.

You can read more about why you should care about why you should care here

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