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Triangl Suit | Sunscreen | Sunglasses | Walking Shoes | Beach Bag | Sun Hat | Lip Balm |  Digital Camera | Beach Towel | #GIRLBOSS

I’m heading to EUROPE!  My husband and I are going to celebrate our one year anniversary and we both couldn’t be any more excited to spend this quality time together after a very long summer.  Travelling is one of our FAVOURITE things to do and every year we make it our goal to reach at least one exotic pleace.  This January we were in Thailand which was brilliant but it left us itching for more. We are so excited to go back to Greece where we got engaged and then see Italy and France.  I honestly believe travel is one of the few things you spend money on that makes you so much richer.  Travelling can be stressful as we’ll so I wanted to give you some tips and tricks to make it a breeze.

Pack Only the Bare Necessities:  Especially if you are heading to a beach location.  Most of your day will be spent on the beach so bring a couple of bathing suits a good read and a comfy beach towel.  I’m also conscious of protecting my skin from the sun so sunscreen is a must; coupled with a pair of good sunglasses and a sun hat.. My husband was laughing out loud as I wrote this and said “what she really means by this is pack half of your house and make sure you sneak another quarter into his suitcase too.”  Okay, so I’m notorious for over packing but which girl isn’t known for that?

Wear Neutral Colours on Your Fingers.  I love to have my nails match everything I am wearing while I’m away so I don’t have to bother changing it so try reaching for Fiji or Ballet Slipper by Essie.

Bring a good Digitial Camera: Collect moments visually, this is the most important part about travelling.  Your camera should be your best friend.  It’s amazing to look back and feel the joy you had when you experienced it.

Bring Good Walking Shoes: Converse are the most amazing comfortable sneaks and perfect for the plane too.  But anything that is a little more stable than your average flip flop.

Go on at Least One Adventure:  Challenge your self and step out of your comfort zone.  Go zip lining, ride a hot air balloon or swim with some sharks.  Whatever you do make sure that they are up to North American safety standards.  I’ll save the story about this one time in Belize for another post.

Explore the Culture:  This has got to be my best tip.  It’s easy to book a flight to some exotic destination and never leave your resort (same thing goes for a cruise) but you are missing half of the mission.  Go into the city, eat what the people eat, see how they live, try experiencing their everyday life through their eyes.  This is when I find we experience and gain the most.   

Wear a Bold Lip to the Beach: This is a brilliant trick I have learned so you don’t have to wear any makeup! Add some sunnies and a sun hat and you look so put together. Find out one of my favourites here!

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