I cannot believe I’m nearly a mom of TWO TODDLERS! How on earth is this my reality? Going from infertility to a mom of two was honestly just a dream and I seriously pinch my self when I sit back and realize it is my reality.  I will forever be an advocate for infertility because I need every human to experience the feeling of longing so deeply, then to be able to experience motherhood.  Those days were so difficult but the fight was so beyond worth it. 

I’ve made a list below of some things we are either loving or wanting to add to the kids’ playroom/rooms for play this winter.  The item I want to get for Arrow the most is the Farmers Market Stand and my parents got him the adorable tent (they ship to Canada and had no duties!) so he can let Harlow have her quiet time alone in hers (ha!). 

Harlow and Arrow have been enjoying the outside so much this summer! I make sure we get out every single day because I know what is coming and I know how hard it is to entertain kids indoors during those cold winter months.  Of course we still get out to swimming pools, take trips to the mountains and do all those outdoor winter fun things. But honestly sometimes it is too cold to do anything, so I’m already planning ahead.

I’ve made a list of toddler favourites or items I’m coveting for either the rest of summer or indoor play this winter.  If you click directly on the image it’ll take you to the exact post with all the details.   

We don’t have a million toys in our home but we do have a couple toys the kids play with a million ways.  I believe a lot in unstructured play and kids being able to use their imaginations and creative abilities so a lot of the things we have and love or are wanting to add to our play room will encourage this.  Happy playing.

Eleni xx 


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