Sometimes I watch this from start to finish to remind my self of everything we went through.  I will never ever forget that pain, the struggle, fear, heartache that consumed our lives for so long.  If you haven’t watched it, please take a second to do so if you wish.  

I know so many of you are still going through infertility and I want you to know that I do know how you feel and I’ll never ever forget that. I remember watching YouTube videos and when others got pregnant finally after years of struggle it helped give me so much hope.  I wanted to say Thank you for following and sharing our story.  You guys have made Convey The Moment have a purpose well beyond what I ever dreamed of and I am forever grateful.  You’re one of the greatest parts in this whole journey.  Follow along on YouTube for more videos of our journey, telling everyone we finally got pregnant and pregnancy updates.

Biggest Hugs,

E xo 

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