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Hey Girlfriends! I hope you girls are doing well. Thank you SO much for the snaps I’ve been getting in regards to all the food posts I’ve been doing I’m actually grateful you’re enjoying them.  Cooking is certainly a huge part of our daily life so I’m glad you are finding the simple recipes we use, useful.  The cooler months is when we spend more time inside cooking and resting so I can’t wait to share some more of our favourites.

I’m dying over how nice it has been here lately and can’t believe I’m getting away with wearing cardigans instead of winter parkas (speaking of which, Anthro is currently offering 20% off all tops and sweaters). The detail on this sweater fits my style perfectly (hopefully yours too) and I love how the sleeves carry the same detail. The warmer days sure makes taking photos and enjoying life outside a lot easier.  I also would like to take a second to recognize that I’m actually getting look posts up again! The truth is that we’ve been getting up to a lot lately so this means I haven’t been able to lounge unready for days on end.  

On the mention of me making more look posts I wanted to make a side note about all the social media chatter that has been going on lately. It brings me back to one of my favourite posts ever about how Instagram made me feel like shit. (I wish I didn’t have to delete all of my comments because of spam because your comments were the highlight of this post!)

It is important you guys understand that just like each of you, we are humans.  There is so much hard in this world and we all go through trials and struggles and things that feel impossible so remember to take these little posts lightly. We choose what we share with the world and more often than not it’s the highlights, the bests of it all.  Even our online “complaints” in hopes to be more relatable, are rather tactful.  My wish is that we can all live with more acceptance and love. Tolerance to what we dislike. I am guilty of falling into this negative spiral and it’s something I have to pay attention to every time I am online.  Instead of fuelling the things that drive us crazy, we should make the cognitive decision to take that energy and send it somewhere that will serve us instead of drain us.  Comparison is a waste of an emotion. 

Thanks for reading and I apologize for how this may read I am sitting here with my eyes wide open at midnight and am really needing some sleep. I went out twice in one weekend and thats hard work for an old lady like me. Have a great day and thank you for following along on my not-so-perfect life.

cozy sweater from anthropologie
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