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If you’re new here, something everyone knows about me is that I loveeeee sumertime! There is something about those long Canadian winters that have made me appreciate getting outside and soaking up the beauty of summertime nature and the warmth of the sun.  Having experienced a midwest summer and now the start of a southern summer I’ll admit there are some things I really appreciate about Canada’s temps; not having to worry about sun protection most of the year, being able to avoid the biggest illest bugs, and not sharing land with allll of the venomous snakes.   I think we often think the grass is greener on the other side when in reality that is never the case.  There are always pros and cons to every situation, location, situation and as much as I’ll miss the heat and ease of warmer weather, there are things I’m excited to soak up back home (longgg winters and all).  

One of our favourite places near by is Wilmington/Wrightsville beach area so I’m sharing some photos from our day here.  The water is so stunningly blue and clear and warm.  If you ever make it our to North Carolina I highly recommend a visit.  Let me know if you ever wanted a travel post on things to do here?  Raleigh is without a doubt the most family friendly place I have ever been and Wilmington is only 2 hours away.  

Now, I’ve rounded up some of my absolute favourite summertime items to help make your summer no matter where you are more enjoyable.  I’d call them essentials, but nothing other than sun protection is essential.  Everything I’m sharing has made our trips a lot easier, more enjoyable and I do like to take the time to have my things reflect my style.  Even if our summers are shorter at home, I always still make the very best of them especially days at the beach.

Each item will take you right to the item so just click on them below!  I’ve linked in some Canadian options from one of my favourite places, some worth the investment and all women’s swim I’ve shared is on sale for up to 60% off today (depending where you live, some places is 60% off all swim!!). So if you’re looking for a new suit, today is the day.  I have a couple from here and I’ll say I do not love the fit of them all (some are too thin and not as flattering) but the one’s I have picked and linked are the style I generally choose! I have this one in the previous years style and I love it!

I think investing in a good beach umbrella is so important.  I ordered this one knowing that it fit my style but it also was sturdy and would last for years.  So far, so amazing.  I’ll link some cheaper options that will do the trick just as well and are equally as cute for less.  The beach chairs are so beautiful and convenient and come in neutrals if that is more your thing. They have straps on the back and are so easy to carry and if you have toddlers and live near a beach, you’ll know how hard this can be getting everything you need there.  I hope you guys take the time to soak up this summer outside and make sure to appreciate the beauty that is right in front of you, no matter where you are.    
Talk soon, E

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