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Morning girls! Today I’m going to share how I freshen up my face for summer (aka hiding those bags and blemishes that are clearly visible in the before photo) with Revlon’s ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer.  I do not love spending a lot of time getting ready (in fact I like it to be quick and easy) so when I find something that helps me accomplish what I need in minutes, I’m all about it.  It is also important for me to get the look I want without having to apply layers to my skin.  I want to have glowing flawless looking skin  that lasts all day without feeling overdone.    

I have a hard enough time matching makeup to my skin as it is and finding a concealer that matches both can be equally as challenging.  That is why I’m loving how easy it’s been to find the perfect match with Revlon’s ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer.  If you’re a beauty guru or just crazy about trying new products like me, then you’ll be running to the store to get your hands on this 2-in-1 Compact. 
The best way to check colour is on your wrist (unless someone else is helping you, then get them to match on your neck).  As you can see here the concealer is just a hint lighter than the foundation (which is what we want).  It’s hard to see on my skin because thats how close of a match I am able to get.  This product comes in 12 different shade which will ensure the perfect colour match for you.  revlon foundrevlon two in oneI always start by applying a little bit of the concealer to the tip of my finger. From there, I’ll apply the product under my eyes where dark circles are prominent and over any blemishes I might be currently having.  
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Using a blending sponge (you can use your finger or whatever tool you prefer) apply product to face.  You will notice it blends seamlessly creating an even satin matte finish that lasts.  I love how I can go about my day (even working up a little sweat) and everything stays into place as is.  I also apply the product to the top of my eyes since I’m not huge on eye shadow and my upper eye tends to be a little red, this just helps create an even look across my entire face.  You’ll find the ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer blends so smoothly and gives me the perfect coverage without feeling like it’s too much.  
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Finish up your look with some blush, bronzer, mascara and a little lip and you’ll be on your way.  You’ll be feeling beautiful and confident in minutes.   

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Just like that, I’m ready and feeling beautiful in minutes.    
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