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It’s impossible for me to change the inevitable so I’m going to have no choice but to embrace the coming of fall.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy everything cozy and comfy, it’s that I cannot stand the unbearable cold.  And to be honest, Canada is freezing during the cooler months.  One thing I know though, is that I’m going to work really hard at learning to love it.

I’m planning on creating the happiest version of ME this fall/winter and I hope you join me in doing so!  I’ve noticed I have been so negative and drained lately and it’s sometimes easier to create negative habits than foster positive ones.  I wish it were as easy as just thinking–be happy– but unfortunately life isn’t that easy!  I know I’m not alone in feeling this way so I really wanted to be real and share it with you.

Social Media has drained me and changed me and I’m about to get my care free spirit back. I can’t change starting Convey The Moment but I can change what I do with it (like we’ve talked about before).  I totally get how everyone feels, exhausted of seeing the same perfect things while looking at your own life and thinking where the heck did I go wrong! I post outfits when I feel they are cute enough to post and it isn’t stressful and I try to share more of what I’m getting up to but it’s still so hard to find a balance, especially when I’m not feeling 100% myself.

Fortunately I know that my happiness is in my own control and there are little changes I can make to get there.  It’s not that I’m unhappy, it’s just that I’m not feeling as happy as I normally do.  I know true happiness comes with reflection, self growth and the willingness to make some changes. In order to feel more fulfilled here are 12 strategies I plan on implementing to create a happier lifestyle:

Focus More on What I Have. Cliche, but so important.

Focus less on other’s flaws–we all have them. Focusing on the negatives of other people doesn’t make me feel better, in fact, it makes me feel worse.  I’ve been feeling worse which means I’ve been focusing more on other peoples flaws.  I’ve learned the better you wish upon someone and the better you see in them, the better you will always feel.  We are human, these feelings can be normal but it’s what we do with them that really matters.

Less Time on Social Media (Game Changer).  If you haven’t tried this in a while I honestly suggest you do.  It feels so refreshing to spend time living your own life rather than watching everyone else live theirs. And honestly, Instagram still makes me feel like shit (if you missed this post read it here).  

Put the Phone Down. Explore nature more and quality phone-less time with loved ones.  I’ve been doing this so much lately and it feels so grounding.  To remember what life is really all about.

Volunteer More Frequently. It seems simple but life gets so busy making it harder than we think.  The truth is, I have a lot of more time to spare lately and I’m going to be more organized and less sporadic about giving back. This week I’m stocking the Women’s Centre personal hygiene shelves since they are currently empty!  If you’re in YYC they are currently needing basics like shampoo + conditioner, deodorant and other toiletries.  You can find where they are located for drop off here.   I probably won’t always share what I’m doing to give back (because honestly we never do it for recognition) but I would be more than happy to share some of my favourite local organizations as they arise.

Eat at Home More Often.  I love cooking and being healthy and this has been such a challenge for me lately.  I find so much joy in creating healthy meals and taking care of myself so I really want to work at this.

Say Bye! If it isn’t making you happy and you’ve given it a solid chance them honour yourself and let it go.  Whether it be a habit, a person in your life or job.  It takes more courage to let something go than it does to prove anything to anyone.  Stepping back is often so much harder than doing something for recognition or to make everyone else happy.  I find if it does’t make me happy or is more negative than positive it’s time to release.

Say No More! Ahhhhhh this has been the greatest skills I’ve ever learned and I know I need to do it more.  I used to want to please everyone and it made me exhausted and miserable. Yes I’ll watch your kids all day.  Of course I’ll come do that for you even though I really don’t want to.  Saying no doesn’t mean you’re rude it means that you are being honest with yourself.  I’ve learned that in order to reduce my own stress or spreading myself too thin I had to say  learn how to say no.

Forgive + Be Good to Yourself. You aren’t perfect + you will never be.  So make space for mistakes.

Embrace The Inevitable. Like the coming of winter (haha!).  This is why I wanted to post my first real fall outfit.

Let Go of Things Out of Your Control. Stressing about it won’t make anything better, in fact it will only make it worse.  I need to make a conscious effort to remember this.

Surround Yourself With Positive Uplifting People.  I’ve always been the one to give my whole self in order to help everyone and make everyone feel better.  But true friendships work both ways.  I’ve decided to invest more energy and time into the friendships and relationships worth investing into.  People who believe in me, empower me, celebrate my joys and cry in my sufferings all while I do the same for them.  When someone or something is constantly negative it’s impossible to not start feeling that way.  Your greatest relationships will be those who want to lift you higher, so when you find that, hold onto it.    

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