One thing I’ll never forget about my childhood were all the books I was constantly reading or had read to me.  No matter what the occasion or holiday I could always expect there to be a book or two wrapped up in the wrapping paper somewhere. Valentines, halloween, my birthday…I loved this tradition.  We would read on road trips, while we waited for swimming lessons and during our hour of quiet time we had to have everyday.  But what I loved even more than getting books as gifts was being able to go into our local Indigo and pick out some books for myself.  

There is something inside of an Indigo store that helps you get lost for hours, but organized enough you can pop in and out if you want to.  To this day it is one of our favourite things to do and I highly recommend you #ExperienceIndigo in person too.  Tim and I will grab a coffee and just roam the isles of this Canadian store for hours until we find the perfect book we are looking for.  It’s more than just finding the perfect book, it’s the experience in doing so.  You’ll most likely find me in the healthy living / cookbooks / non-fiction area (love an emotional real life story) and Tim is always wandering the business section and most recently loving on parenting books!  We have also expanded our exploring to the Indigo Baby section and we can tell Harlow already loves books too.  

We’ve been reading to her since she was a newborn.  She has been drawn to the cadence in our voices as we read out loud to her when she was first born and now she follows the books and reaches at the pages.  If there’s one thing I want her to learn, it’s the importance to #alwaysbereading.  We know and understand how important this is for our learning and development and I think it’s easier to create a habit when we start them off young.   

I want her to escape in books just like I did as a child and have continued to do as an adult.  I want screen time to always be last resort.  I don’t think this is unrealistic or too “Pinterest Mom”.  I think it is all about the habits we create for our children and the earlier we start the easier they are to maintain.  Books are so engaging and stimulating and their is always something exciting about getting lost in a story.  What do you guys think?  What are some of your favourite children’s books?  I would love to hear some of your favourites that your kiddies can’t live without. I find it so special that some of my favourite children’s books from when I was a child are still available and I have already added them to Harlow’s collection but it’s definitely something I want to build on forever that she can someday pass on to her children.   

I love having you here always and would love to see some of your favourites! Make sure to comment them below or share them on Instagram using the hashtag #alwaysbereading!  Thank you so much for stopping by and can’t wait to hear from you! 

Eleni, xo

This post was done in collaboration with Indigo

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