Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.21.36 AMLittle White Baby Doll Dress / Cadigan (comes in multiple colours) / Tights / Hat ($38, comes in other colours)/ Necklace 

Morning Girls, I’ve tried to make shopping my looks easier because I know sometimes you just want to click on what you want to buy.  SO, I’ve updated all my shop tabs with my most favourite upcoming pieces or things I’ve recently purchased so make sure to constantly check out my SHOP tab to see what I’ve added.  

I’ve organized them by article of clothing, so dressescardigans / jackets, hats plus so many more! Make sure to take a peak.  I’m also going to be rounding up my Instagram looks at the end of each week if there is no blog post to accompany it.  Since I’m human and re wear my pieces over and over if it’s no longer available I’ll be adding the most similar option I can find! I’ve done this in the photo above! Hope this helps making shopping my looks easier. Adore you all, and I’m SO grateful for your support with Convey The Moment. xo E

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