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Christmas was definitely the most celebrated holiday in my childhood.  I remember going to Church every Christmas Eve and the season felt so special. When it came to decorating my parents would play Christmas music and let us do the tree however we wanted….mostly with ornaments we made ourselves.  Some parents! Haha! Since then I’ve outgrown the colour red and am driven towards a more neutral (less homemade) look.  I’m extremely inspired by Dreamy White’s Lifestyle and have mixed her work into my love for boho/shabby chic.  I definitely like a more simple look and feel neutral colours make it easier to accomplish this.  You can hop on over to my Christmas Pinterest Board for more of a variety of ideas.  This is where most of my ideas come from and I’ve just added to it over the years.  One of my girlfriends has a very similar style to mine but she likes to incorporate a lot more colour which looks beautiful too.  Take any idea and make it your own.     

Decorating can feel expensive and over whelming so I find it’s important to shop around, take your time and build a collection over the years.  Most of my decorations are identical to last year except a few pieces I have integrated this year.  I personally love the ornaments at Pottery Barn and Anthropologie and I like to mix them with similar pieces from elsewhere.  You’re entire tree doesn’t have to be from a certain place. I have also found very similar ones at Home Sense, Target and Canadian Tire (do you even have one of those in America? LOL).  I find it’s best to choose the pieces you can’t live without with a higher price point and then shop around finding sales to create a collection you are happy with. Anthro certainly has pieces you don’t want to miss out on though and you can keep them for years to come!  The best news ever is that today Anthropologie is offering 25% off each and every item so it would be a brilliant time to stock up! Just use the code SHOPTOIT at checkout, you’re welcome! 

The 3D floral pillow I get the most comments about is from Target and only $19!  Pottery Barn is currently offering 30& off their ornaments ( the only two red ornaments in my whole home ) and holiday decor so it’s a smart time to pick up from there.

Throws, pillows and greenery are the easiest touches to make a warm space.  I love to use real greens when decorating and they even add a beautiful smell to your home! I am not crazy about holiday prints and pillows so I just like to add pieces from my normal home decor.  This helps with spending less because you’re incorporating what you already have.  

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