White Maxi Dress, Lipstick (Candy Yum Yum), Head Piece (Sold Out Similar Here, Here and Here)

Good Morning!  Ahhh, bring me back to Greece right now!  And put me back in this dress please, it’s amazing! I feel so grateful we were able to locate the SD card with all of our photos and I apologize they are so late.  The moment we arrived in Paris our camera decided to stop working and I honestly thought it couldn’t get any worse, until we came home and lost all of our photos. So now, I am just so grateful my father-in-law found it and I am able to share these experiences you all. Better late than never right? How do I even begin to explain how amazing Santorini is.  Everything from the streets, to the absolutely remarkable views to the vibrant culture (I’m Greek, perhaps I’m a little biased).

So to begin, I want to clarify that not all of Greece looks like Santorini.  When Tim and I first went together I remember him being so confused asking where all the white buildings were.  After landing in Athens he was in for a little surprise.  I can’t make fun of him though, because when I was a little kid I thought Greece was where God lived because I had to take a plane to get there.  My heavens. Okay, so  I’ll be showing you more of Greece and we’ll take a trip to my parents little hometown but for now lets discuss this miraculous place!


Santorini is probably my favourite island in Greece.  The views are like nothing I have ever seen before and I promise you if you visit you will not be dissapointed.  These pictures actually don’t do the real thing any justice so if you are planning a trip to Greece then I highly recommend putting Santorini as number one on your list.  I also suggest saving your pennies and staying at a hotel on one of the cliffs, did you see those views? 

When it comes to places to eat, drink and get coffee, Tim and I are the worst planners ever.  We usually just stumble across places and make our minds up on either how busy they are (always a good sign) or the view.  We had the most delicious meals over looking these beautiful views.  

The night life in Greece is pretty unbelievable and if you are up to drinking a couple ouzos and maybe breaking some plates, there will certainly be a party for you.

If you are a vegan like me, not to worry there are so many vegan options in Greece.  Some of my staples were bread, some more bread and maybe some beer.   I’m kidding of course, but a lot of the bread is made for fasting so there usually isn’t any milk or eggs, ask for a greek salad without the cheese and some pita bread and you are sure to be left feeling full.  One of my biggest struggles was finding dairy free milk for my coffee, I just have learned to love black coffee when I travel.  

Getting around the island is really easy if you decide to rent a car and the driving isn’t as crazy as other parts of Europe (in Santorini that is).  We’ve done this both times we visited Santorini and would do it again in a heartbeat.  A lot of people decide to rent quads or motorbikes but unfortunately I can’t ever seem to pack lightly. 

Santorini shuts down around November when it starts to get a lot cooler so make sure you are checking when the best times to travel are.  We love the fall because the weather isn’t as unbearably hot and it isn’t as busy as it is during the summer months when it is peak season.  

There are many beaches in Santorini and even though they aren’t known for them some of my favourites are here.  They have three main beaches a red sand, a white sand and a black sand beach.  It’s actually really cool to see the different sands and each one has different rock formations surrounding them.  I’d tell you to make sure you pack a swimsuit but thats not even necessary.  Oh those Greeks.  

I hope you all loved visiting our first stop of this trip and please feel free to ask me any questions if I’ve missed anything.  The white dress I am wearing in these photos is a total must have! It’s even more amazing in person.  I’ve also linked some adorable head piece items that are very similar to this one I am wearing in these photos.  Have a great day xo!


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