Being a busy mama of three, sometimes I’m the last one on my list of priorities. I’m making an effort to be mindful and start taking care of myself while caring for everyone else. I recently had the opportunity to try Evive after seeing and hearing so many great things about them and they are now going to be a staple in our home.  

Evive makes ready made frozen smoothie packs full of plant-based proteins, fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door.  Hello quick + easy! I love how I can have a nutrient dense smoothie bowl or unblended drink without having to gather 10 different items from my pantry and fridge.  You simply add a banana, some plant milk and one of the smoothie packs or you can go for the non-blended option where you add a smoothie pack to a glass, add some plant milk, let sit for 20 minutes and then shake! So easy, quick and delicious and you feel great about it. 

They come in 6 amazing flavours and I couldn’t pick a favourite but if I had to I would say the Asana is a top pick right now.
The containers are recyclable and they also give some other great ideas on their instagram on how to reuse them, like turning them into seed trays or even making ice cubes with them (you know how much I love reusing my old coffee so this would work great for freezing coffee for ice coffee).  

Make sure to check out the giveaway on my Instagram where you can be entered for a chance to win a Discovery Box with $100 of Evive products!  You can also save 20% on your first order by using the code ELENI20.  

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to Evive for sponsoring today’s post, 


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