blue summer dress from anthropologie
Putomayo Shift Dress, Similar Brown Hat, Flats

Good Monring Loves! 

It feels so nice to be on here saying hello! So far summer has been relaxing and I’ve been able to do so much of what I’ve wanted to do. Like reading, watching weird people on YouTube and spending all of my other free time eating. I hope the same for you!  Summers at the McMullin’s are usually pretty lonely.  Timothy works during the four summer months and when your love is cramming in as many hours as most people work year round into four months, it can be pretty boring.  I enjoy being alone but boy do we love when the work season comes to an end.

I’ve been so blessed to be able to stay in my home for the summer first time in almost 6 years.  I’ve got to spend a lot of time with friends and family that normally we go months without seeing, put together walls that I’ve been collecting things for over 4 years and was able to sit on my front door step without getting frost bite–it’s been glorious!  It’s really hard to understand how difficult it is to be away from everyone until you experience it yourself.  I find it especially  difficult when you aren’t doing anything exotic like travelling! A lot of sit time thinking about how much you miss everyone.  So I have been SO grateful for our first summer in our home.  I planted my first garden, was successful at growing my first round of veggies + flowers and spent quality time with the people I love most.  Being here is something I really needed and have appreciated so much.

My best friend had a baby recently and I’m so grateful I’ve been here to watch him grow and develop and allow him to get to know me. My other best friend has a daughter and to be able to see her whenever I want is a huge blessing.  Just getting to spend time outside with one another is more than I could ask for.  Sounds so simple but it’s true!  Oh gosh, they are so cute! I’m unfortunately not allowed to share any photos of ANY of my friend’s kids on social media but I promise, they make this world so bright. Life is really all about the little things.

Last night, Tim asked that I get dressed and we go for a relaxed dinner since we haven’t seen very much of each other lately. I haven’t actually done my hair in weeks so I thought it was a good reason for some TLC.  On the drive there we decided to stop and photograph this dress because I am actually in love and wanted to share it with all of you.  The details, colour and style are literally everything I dream of in a shift dress.  I love how relaxed it can be or how you are able to dress it up if you wish. Anything boho-ish has my heart.

I hope that you all are living well and appreciating little moments. I feel so grateful for your encouragement on my last post and love that you guys support me while I figure everything out.  I am forever grateful.

anthro summer dress

blue beaded dress from anthropologie
anthro beaded dress
anthropologie Putomayo Shift dress beaded shift dress from anthropologie
Putomayo Shift Dress Anthropologieshift dress from anthropologieanthro dress

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