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It’s surreal how much your body changes during pregnancy.  I certainly anticipated changes but nothing like what’s been going on.  My thighs have grown so much (literally, I can’t even put my pants or shorts on), obviously my belly has gotten bigger and my boobs too.  It takes a lot of work growing a human and I am so grateful my body is capable of doing it.  

Getting dressed can be a challenge when literally almost nothing fits over my boobs, or up my thighs so I’ve turned to dresses a lot this summer.  They are seriously the easiest and as always I believe in nothing more than being comfortable.  I invested in a couple maternity tank tops from Old Navy for when we go for coffee or on casual outings but mostly maxi’s have been my saving grace.  If you haven’t tried them yet and you’re some where along where I am (22 weeks) I totally suggest it.

Bump comments…haha oh my! SO many people tell me that I’m huge, ask if I’m having twins or comment I must be due any day.  I personally don’t believe I look that big and I’ve already chatted with my doctor who says I’m doing fine.  I have zero torso as I have mentioned before so the baby has no choice but to grow out.  I’m personally super grateful to have a big little bump because I know if I didn’t I would be itching for one so bad.  Regardless of the comments about my size I feel amazing.  I understand I’ve gained weight, in more places than just my belly, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I feared not being able to carry my own child for years and having the privilege to do so is worth it all.  

A lot of random people also touch my stomach which I find kinda funny.  I am not a touchy person at all so having hands on me more than usual is something totally foreign.  I just laugh and let them at it..it isn’t going to kill me after all.

Baby girl has gone on two hikes and one canoe trip in the mountains and loved every single second of it! Everyone was super worried about me but everything was fine.  We absolutely LOVE being outdoors and live so close to some of the most gorgeous mountains in the world so I want to enjoy them as much as I can during the warmer months.  We are feeling amazing, I have no cravings at all and I’m just embracing all the changes physically even though they can be pretty challenging,  I swore I would never complain about a single thing when it came to being pregnant and I think this helps shape my attitude.  Some days I feel dead and exhausted and super crappy but I just choose to rest and get ready for the next day.  Fearing that I would never get pregnant has certainly helped me to appreciate everything.  Every.  Little.  Thing.

I just celebrated another birthday and it was seriously the best one in years.  Tim had the day off (first time legit in 7 years since it’s always during his work season) and I just feel happier than I have ever felt.  I can’t wait for this year and bringing out little baby girl into the world.  We are so excited to see how much our world is going to change for the better and we can’t wait to experience parenthood.  I know it’ll be the greatest thing we’ve ever done.

I get so many questions about IVF and infertility and if it’s all worth it.  It most certainly is, it’s truly the greatest thing I have ever done.  If you haven’t watched my YouTube videos make sure to find us over there and subscribe because I explain a lot more about how the whole process was, the challenges we faced in early pregnancy and how it’s going so far. Of course it’s harder than just falling pregnant on your own, but in my opinion, everything happens for a reason.  Take a peak at some of the photos I’ve taken along the way and some maxi dresses I can’t live without! Thanks for reading! E xo    summer bump style everyday maternity style stylish pregnancy looks stylish maternity outfits summer pregnancy outfits summer maternity style summer pregnancy stylepregpregnpregnapregnanpregnancpregnancy 1pregnancy 2pregnancypprpre

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