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Everyday I dream of who you will be.  Will you look like your daddy or me? Will you have my sense of adventure and desire to explore or crave routine and structure like your dad?  Will you want to see the world just like the both of us have? What will you grow up to be?

We have no idea who you are and already we love you so much.  We hope you crave living life to it’s fullest, you love every chance you get, your heart is kind and playful.  We dream of you every single day. You truly have been the greatest gift we have ever received.

Our struggle to have you has offered us the most grateful eyes.  We see everything with so much gratitude.  So many people ask us if we could turn back time and change something would we remove our struggle?  Before conceiving you I remember always answering…”heck yes!” but now I see everything with different eyes.  I see how much I appreciate everything, everything you have given us already. How even the hardest days are truly the greatest days. How the changes in my body are an absolute blessing, how being sick means you are thriving… I’m not sure I would appreciate it all this much had I not experienced that pain.  Pain I would never wish upon anyone.

You little bun, are the greatest thing that has ever happened to us and not a day goes by that we don’t dream of the little girl that you will be.

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Photos by: Justine Milton Photography
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