I wanted to create a quick list of cookbooks that might encourage you on a more plant based path going into the new year.  If you’re looking into being mindful about introducing more plant, reducing animal consumption and supporting others on this journey then a cook book is the perfect way to get organized and prepare for the holidays and start the year.  I highly recommend the ones below.  I’ve either made some of their recipes, have followed their blogs forever or have become friends with them online and absolutely love everything they stand for and do.  I’m sure I’m missing some amazing ones so make sure to let us know in the comments so we can add it to the list.

I think the new year is such an amazing time to set intentions for the year, refocus and redirect your energy to what serves you and what you wish to value more of.  You will never hear me promote or encourage a diet but I do want to support our community when it comes to introducing more plants and reducing animal products (in our home, style and on our plates).  I think it is very  important to recognize and differentiate between the two.  When creating your goals, take time to recognize that the ego exists but let it go after that.  Ask yourself how is it going to serve you, better the world or help others?  Merry Christmas everyone.  So much love from our little family to yours.  

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