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Welcome to my Pinterest Board! A couple years late you think?  Well the way I see it is it’s better to be late then to not show up at all.  I recently starting Pinning and I’m so excited to finally have a visual brainstorm board and place where I can keep everything organized.  Who knew pinning could be so much fun?  Keep your eyes out for some home inspiration, upcoming fashion trends and delicious vegan recipes. For those of you who do not know what Pinterest is its a virtual bulletin board where you can find and share ideas.   My best friend is also pregnant with a baby boy so except some maternity fashion, nurseries and baby shower ideas!

Head on over to my Pinterest Board and Follow Me!! I truly appreciate and adore each and every single one of you.  Your support and encouragement is seriously everything to me, so Thank You.

I hope you all have such a gorgeous Sunday.  Find joy in all the little things and be sure to acknowledge your blessings.  We are alive, healthier than we are ill and understand that bad times shall too pass. So enjoy today and make time to create beautiful moments.  Love you all! Eleni xx 


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