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Travelling means packing as little as you can into a rectangle box and hope that you can still look as cute as possible with what you have for however long of a period you are gone for.  Sounds pretty difficult right?  Well, there is one piece I think can make this easier that everyone needs when travelling; the romper. They are so effortless and can look reasonably cute without having to carry as much. Okay—they aren’t the most fashion forward, I get that, but can they ever do the trick! I love that I can throw them on over a bathing suit and head to breakfast, then to the beach and out for shopping all in one go. Travelling is meant to be relaxing so creating cute looks shouldn’t be your biggest worry. I’ve linked some of my must haves and since it’s end of season it’s a perfect time to buy them. I love having as many cute ones as possible on hand for trips and the following summer! Hope you are all are doing fantastic and thanks for following along on my travels!

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