Have you ever caught yourself in a moment where you were struggling so bad because you’ve wanted more?  More money, nicer clothes, the better job, more Instagram followers, more recognition? What if all you wanted in this world was more time?  More time to spend with your loved ones.  More time to help your wife raise your three beautiful children.  More time to spend more time with your beautiful wife?

What if your biggest worry in this world was how may days you had left?  I urge you all (my self included) to take a minute and click on the link below and read the story of a very deserving family.  I think we live in a world where we often forget that the smallest act can change the entire picture.  If every single one of my followers donated something as simple as $10 then $780 000 would be raised.  Isn’t that crazy?  Obviously, I can’t encourage you all to participate but I can tell you that any amount no matter how small will not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated. Something as simple as $5 could add up to mean the world.  Jehn is still working, being a mom and caring for everything around the house when she really should be spending this precious time with her husband.  “To put it simply, his time is running out” says her teaching partner who wrote the most powerful words in the link below.

Tim said his biggest birthday wish is for this family to receive a little break that they deserve. I’ll be donating $100 right now so I would love to see you all come with me an help make a little difference.  I’m crying! I feel so much for this family and know that if it was my husband who was suffering he would want nothing more than for someone to help me and my children. Please, let’s continue sharing the love together and help make a difference one small act a time.  I love and adore each one of you SO SO SO much and truly can’t thank you enough for taking part of this with me.


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