Photos by: Justine Milton Photography / Dress: Here / Mocs: Here / Flowers: Wild About Flowers

I can’t even believe I’m finally writing this post. It seems so surreal. It’s impossible to find the words to share just exactly how we are feeling. After almost 3 years of struggle, fear, heartbreak upon heartbreak and the lowest points either of us have ever seen, we are finally expecting our little miracle baby.

I can’t even tell you everything we have gone through from the moment we found out we were pregnant to today, but I PROMISE to do a video to update you all. You guys have been such a foundation for us during the most impossible days and I am forever grateful. I am bawling while I write this, because I have never in my life felt so much gratitude. I feared so badly I would never get to experience this and I cannot believe that its finally our turn.  

My fear, in posting this, is that I’ll be hurting someone else with my news. I remember announcement after announcement and just all the feelings I felt rushing inside of me, but never once did I choose to feel jealous. I chose to find hope in their story, in their miracle. Honour me, and do the same because I know just how difficult it is. I know the pain, the nights on the bathroom floor crying uncontrollably, the pain so deep you feel it in your bones. But I want to promise you, that if you too are going through infertility and you are fearing the absolute worst that you have to put your faith elsewhere. I let go, I finally decided to trust the plan that was written for us and everything started falling into place. I never thought this day would happen.

We have taken our time sharing the news with our closest friends and family members, and to enjoy it with each other. Our little miracle baby. I’ve put together the most amazing video of telling most of our friends and family members and I honestly can’t wait to share with you guys. I pretty much die every single time I watch it.  

We had the privilege of working together with Justine Milton Photography and oh my heavens, she blew us away! She captured such special news so perfectly.  We are so so so excited to work with her throughout this pregnancy and once baby is born! Make sure to follow her as well to see all the amazing things she does!

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