Top .  Jeans . Hat . Flats

Morning girls!

It’s so rare for me to post an outfit post but Tim and I were out for breakfast and I figured I was dressed and ready so why not capture it.  I apologize to those of you who followed me for outfits originally as this has fallen far from what I post about lately.  I always wear super old pieces that aren’t usually available and I re wear things over and over so it doesn’t make for entertaining content I feel and can be frustrating to those of you who like shopping from posts! But I got a new top and I rarely ever wear anything tight (have you noticed? haha) let alone cropped but this top caught my attention for some reason.  I think it’s perfect for spring and I’m kinda into the print and bow details of it. 

I wanted to mention the jeans I’m always wearing, because lets get real my body hasn’t really comfortably gotten into the rest that I own so I’m wearing them a lot.  These ones a years old and Tim distressed them for me so I’ve collected some white distressed options that I think you’ll love and aren’t hundreds of dollars.  Not trying to sell you anything, just trying to be helpful cause I know I’m so annoying with not posting recent or pieces you can purchase. I hope this helps girls and appreciate you for stopping by always.

Biggest hugs,

Eleni xo

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