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Beauty Products Used: Almay / Healthy Glow Makeup + Gradual Self Tan, One Coat Multi-Benefit Mascara, Age Essentials Lip Treatment, Smart Shade Blush, shadow from The Complete Look Palette, Brow Pencil

The new year is the perfect time to create some resolutions for myself.  I love taking a second to reflect and reevaluate everything that’s happening in my life, it helps me remain grounded and whole.  I’ve noticed how much of myself I have given to my daughter since becoming a mom and I want to make sure that I maintain a healthy and holistic life so I am the best version of myself for baby Harlow. This year I want to focus on living healthier and beautifully from the inside out.  Mind, body and soul.  

Almay challenged me to #KeepGlowing in 2017 and embrace my true, beautiful self! Here are some ways I plan to make that happen with my resolutions for the new year:

1. Making time for family as often as possible:  Nothing makes me happier than spending time with loved ones and what better way to feed your inner soul than doing what you love the most.  I want Harlow to nourish the relationships that mean the most to her so I certainly want to make sure I am leading by example.  Life can get so busy so I want to be sure this is my number one goal for 2017.

2. Eating nutrient dense foods: When I eat well, I feel amazing.  I want to make sure that every single day I am eating at least 75% of nutrient dense foods.  This will take a lot of preparing and planning but I know when I’m feeding my body good foods I always feel better.  Being vegan requires a lot of prepping and is a bit time consuming so instead of running to grab burritos I want to make sure I’m giving my body the fuel it needs to be the healthiest possible.  

3. Exercising and getting outside more:  The winters can be so chilly and I generally try to avoid the cold by hibernating inside.  I want to make sure we are getting out as a family as often as possible to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  We absolutely love going on adventures and exploring the beauty of our own backyard, so as long as it’s safe for Harlow I certainly want to be out there as much as possible.  I want her to love going on hikes, and snowshoeing and ice skating and skiing even when it’s really cold.  So many of my best childhood memories were doing all of the above.   

4. Taking care of myself physically + making sure I feel the most beautiful on the outside too: I have to be honest, right before Harlow arrived I was starting to let myself go.  I wouldn’t put much work into myself.  I would take 3 seconds to braid my hair, a couple minutes to do my makeup and put on whatever I could squeeze into.  I feel the best on the inside when I take care of myself on the outside. I want to make sure I’m committed to wearing more hypoallergenic makeup (Almay being my current go to) and taking some more time for a little TLC. I think it’s so important to #KeepGlowing, especially now that I am a mommy.  One of my favourite makeup products is the new Almay Healthy Glow Makeup + Gradual Self Tan which gives me some extra glow without the harsh effects I would otherwise get from the sun. Not only does this foundation give a flawless makeup look while wearing it, it also leaves behind a natural glow after makeup is removed.

5. Having date night at least once a week – just the two of us: Even if this is just while Harlow is down for the night I want to make sure Tim and I are still nourishing our relationship.  Before her it was only us and I never want to forget that.  I think it’s so important we put our phones down and spend quality time just the two of us. This is also such a great opportunity to dress up and play up my beauty look with a fun lip colour whether we’re out on the town or relaxing at home!

What are some of your resolutions for this upcoming year?  I would love to hear how you plan to #KeepGlowing so make sure to leave me a comment letting me know.   

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