Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 2.00.33 PMHave you ever felt like you have been exhausted of doing the same thing over and over?  I’m totally that type of person.  I get bored super easily and constantly need to be stimulated with something new.  I think that is why Convey The Moment has kind of come to a stand still with content creation and sometimes I find it hard to share what I really want to be sharing–what I’m actually doing!

Instagram is such a crazy world, at times I feel like what I’m putting into the universe is contrived and I hate that so much.  It just doesn’t feel like something I am passionate about or that gives me drive to want to do better.  I love connecting with you all and that is sincerely my favourite part of it and I truly want to build on what we have.    

Forever, I’ve been wanting to show the real parts of my life–how I look 90% of the time (it’s something to say the least), what I’m most passionate about (vegan food!) and how I live life beyond those little squares on Instagram.  Seriously, if you look at my Instagram it’s so hard to see what I’m really about without delving into the depths of my blog and I want what I put out into this world to consist of more, I want people to know that we budget, and exercise and argue and don’t always have this picture perfect life. 

I LOVE our community we have created together (YOU + I) and I obviously don’t want to lose that, in fact I’ll still be here, I just want to expand on it.

Today marks Day 1 of our weekly vlogs and boy are we ever excited.  I am going to do my best to never have less than one a week and sometimes you may even get more depending what we are doing.  I’m ready to embrace what I have felt compelled to do for such a while and share the real moments of life.  You can tag along while we grocery shop, travel, eat, hang with Harlow, go visit our parents, get ready, cook…just those everyday things!  Most importantly, I want to have video footage of baby Harlow to look back on.  Looking back at some of the clips from today’s vlog (it’s up, it’s up, it’s up!) I can’t help but cry.  SHE WAS SO TINY! And just like that our brand new newborn isn’t a newborn anymore.  I already regret how little video I have of her and I’m so ready to capture everything from now on and never feel this way again.  

If you want to support and follow our journey, PLEASE subscribe right now.  I have a goal of making it a quarter of Convey The Moment (so 30 something thousand) and I would want nothing more than to start with this already existing community.  Once I hit 30k I’ll be announcing a super amazing giveaway (like so good maybe I’ll join you with it…) so if you feel you enjoy what I put out into this universe then please share with your friends and family and help us reach it! SO BEYOND GRATEFUL for your continued love and support.

What you can expect:

Vegan Meals (what we eat etc)
Daily Experiences (Shopping, eating, playing, singing, dancing, driving, eating some more)
Getting Ready With Us
Harlow Growing Up (Ohh the best!)
Future Fertility Choices if we decide we want another baby
Exercise Routines We Are Using
Favourites (Beauty, Baby, Lifestyle etc)

I can’t even thank you enough friends.  Biggest hugs ever and we will see you over on our YouTube channel.  Eleni, Tim + Harlow

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