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Morning Girls! I hope you are all doing well I can’t believe it’s already Christmas. I finally am getting around to doing that hair post that so many of you have requested.  There are some basics I think that make all the difference in the health of you hair and I’m so excited to share them with you.  Always leave a comment if you have any questions at all and I hope you find this helpful.

First of all the two major things you have to do to ensure the healthiest looking hair is; find a hair stylist you trust and use the right product for your hair.  I’ve tried a million different salons and always find my self back where I started.  Hassan at Angles Hair and Aesthetics’ Westbrook Mall will change your hair game.  My girlfriends and I grew up going to him and theres definitely a reason why we all love him so much.

Time and time again he never disappoints and he actually listens to what I want which I find is so important.  There are times when I couldn’t get in to see Hassan and had to go elsewhere and honestly I could tell the quality of product and dye that was being used on my hair was nothing compared to the treatment Hassan gives me.  I honestly drive across the city (over an hour) to see him because it makes the world of a difference.  My hair can be sensitive and there is nothing more frustrating than leaving feeling disappointed.  You invest so much time and money only to find your hair isn’t where you want it to be.

I colour my hair as most of you can probably tell and I live in Calgary where it is so dry during the winter months so whatever he is using to colour my hair re-hydrates it and brings it to it’s healthiest form possible.  He also frequently does an in-salon Kerastase treatment which makes the world of a difference.  I find this is one of the biggest contributions to keeping my hair up healthy.  When you go in to see him, he’ll really look at your hair and see which treatment would be the best for where your hair is at.  I also like to continue the care when I go home and I really think this helps with keeping my hair as healthy as possible.  You girls know how much I love my Kerastase and if you use the right line for your type of hair you will definitely see an increase in the strength as well as the length of you hair.  Another brand I like to switch between in Aveda. Aveda uses mostly naturally derived ingredients and over 50% being plant-based or some other naturally sourced product.  I think the combination of having an amazingly talented stylist and using the right product lines will help your hair get to where you want it to be.  I also use a GHD hair straightener to curl my hair most days and an Aveda hair brush that doesn’t pull, tug or rip your hair out.  

I personally have found if you’re caring for you hair properly it becomes more resistant to damage.  These are my two major secrets to getting my hair so long and healthy and whenever I’ve tried something else I have always regretted it, would have to deal with breaking ends and pray Hassan would forgive me (haha).  If you’re in Calgary then I would 100% suggest Hassan and Angles Hair and Aesthetics’ Westbrook Mall and he will take care of you, I promise that.  

This is not a sponsored post in any way and I’m extremely grateful for everything Hassan has done to recover my previously ombre, damaged, short broken hair and know he can help you all to0.

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Where to find Angles Hair and Aesthetics’ Westbrook Mall:

Phone: (403)517-1444
1200-37th St S.W.
Mon-Fri: 9-9, Sat: 9:30-5:30, Sun: 12-5


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