For somebody who isn’t very makeup inclined (aka me) choosing the right products for your face can be intimidating.  Whether it be for your wedding or day to day life you want to make sure you’re making the best choices for you.  You walk into Sephora and think…now what?  There are 100’s and 100’s of things to choose from and realize the only thing you’ve ever been familiar with is bonne-belle cappuccino lip gloss from the wal-mart beauty department.  There is nothing wrong with drugstore makeup, I have however benefited form investing a little more in SOME of my products as this has helped significantly with my acne. I’ll be sharing my favourites that include both drugstore and items worth investing in.

I am grateful to have a girlfriend who doubles as a makeup artist. She has helped guide and educate me when it comes to the best of the best, whether that be investing in products from Sephora or the cheap amazing dupes from the drug store.  Michelle is literally one of the most talented humans I have ever known.  Brilliant. 

I have learned that primers are game changers and Makeup Forevers oil free HD invisible cover foundation has saved the clarity of my skin.  The coverage is enough coverage without looking caked, especially when applied with a beauty blender.

When it comes to things that do not directly touch my face I love cheating with drug store products to save a couple dollars.  Lipsticks, hair products, eyeliners (actually my favourite and only $3.99!), and nail polishes (especially Essie’s spring options..unlimited and adorable!) 

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