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Pregnancy is a miraculous thing. I think back to those nine months and I am in absolute awe of all the changes the woman’s body goes through to create and sustain a life.  I will never ever forget this pregnancy and the miracle it was in itself.  It is so surreal to wake up every day and look at this little bundle and see what my husband and I created (with a little help from science of course).  How come you girls never told me just how amazing this all was?  I just can’t believe it and everyday I am so thankful.

I wanted to take a second and send a little message to all my #ttcsisters who are still facing infertility.  I love more than anything in the world hearing from you girls and how our story gives you hope.  It’s not that I want to feel good and like I’m making a difference, it’s just amazing to see your strength in such a brutal situation and to find peace knowing there is a plan for you.  I never ever thought I would be able to experience motherhood and pregnancy and that is why I truly cherished it all.  When I shared our battle with infertility (see video here) I had one goal in mind, to share the realities of social media and how deceiving it can be and to potentially help reduce the stigma associated with infertility.  I was so ashamed I couldn’t do what I was created to do and felt like I wasn’t being honest with you all and to me–you’re family
.  Being a source of inspiration was never my goal but it grants me peace to know that my tiny social following has gained something beyond me sharing the superficials of life.  Something deeper and more meaningful than the perfect moments I chose to share.

In other news, I have decided to create a private Facebook group called Convey Motherhood and I would love to have you over there and feel free to add all of your mom friends and supports.  I have found you all to be my number one resource in this past month of being a mom and it’s a space where we can share inspiration, ask questions and encourage other woman on this journey called motherhood.   So please feel free to send a request, I would LOVE to have you.  It’s refreshing to see and learn from you all instead of it feeling like it is about me all the time. I cannot wait to engage and get to know all of you some more.  

I’ll be doing another post updating how Harlow’s first month of life went but for now….I have to shower (LOL).  Stay tuned!

SO much love, Eleni xo
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