mint green maxi skirt from chicwish
Mint Maxi Skirt (Similar Here), Stripe Top, Hat, Sunnies

This was one of my favourite looks from our trip and it was so appropriate for the weather we had.  I loved the airy feeling and the way my skirt organically flew in the wind. I looooooveee when my dresses blow in the wind haha (so weird). Overall San Fran was one of our greatest trips ever which is funny because it was one of our simplest.  True joy can be found when you are spending quality time with those around you and I think it’s so important to remove our selves from our phones and our jobs and just be. Tim and I would walk and chat for hours and this really brought light to what’s important in life.  I feel so grateful for the opportunity to travel and explore with the love of my life in one of my (and now his) favourite cities ever.  P.S. Hats are so amazing to bring travelling because you don’t have to worry about your hair for days, haha this fro can be a lot of work!

I wanted to take a quick second to address a comment that was made to me yesterday.  In the past, I have been called fat, chubby, and a little scary in some photos and have never been phased before.  I do not care what other people think of me, in fact them saying it is truly a reflection of them–not me.  Yesterday, however; someone questioned my integrity when it came to my blog and for the first time since starting this blog one short year ago—–I was phased.

I was offended because something you may not know is that I am a stay-at-home wife and by choice I write my blog.  I do it because I am passionate about it, I love inspiring others and being guided to learn lessons for myself along the way. I choose to post for you all for I believe in doing what you love. With that being said OF COURSE I get paid to do this.  I’m not on here trying to get followers to be cool, I have a plan for my business and in the meantimes I’m linking outfits.

I put hours of work into this blog, not because I have to, but because I truly love doing it.  Every single photo I take is done with a lot of thought and I try to be as creative as possible.  With that being said I do make money off of my blog and I try and do the best job possible.

You don’t know the struggles I am currently facing, in fact you would be shocked if you had any idea so please be cautious when choosing the words you spit out to others, especially when you are hidden behind the safety of your computer screen.  I respect you and whatever job it is that you do.  I don’t question your motive, purpose or integrity so I would love if you respected me the same way.

So with that being said I would like to lay it down right now that if for some reason you don’t like what I’m doing or feel my heart isn’t in it for the right reasons then please honour me and unfollow me.  I will not be passive in regards to this and for my kindness is often mistaken as weakness.  I respect myself and this blog way too much to allow negative comments to bring me down.  I was never questioned as a nurse or as a social worker to why I did things the way I did and I will not allow it with my blog because people can feel safe behind their computer screens.

I went for brunch with the amazing Julia from Gal Meets Glam when I was in San Fran and not only is she remarkable but she taught me one lesson I will never forget.  She told me another blogger referred to her blog as a business just like a restaurant.  When patrons come into a restaurant they are expected to come in with a shirt, and shoes and if they aren’t wearing either then they wouldn’t be welcome in the restaurant.  Well our blogs are the same thing.  We have rules that must be followed and if you want to get wildly and dance on tables topless then please do so elsewhere.

I appreciate you reading this and love every single one of you for the constant support and encouragement you offer me on a daily basis.  You all are truly the reason this blog goes round and I respect every single one of you–even those questioning me.  My heart is so full and so grateful and I’ll choose to forgive without an apology.  XO Eleni

stripe shirt from asos

super duper suglasses by karen walkersan fran bridge view twirls in san fran
mint green midi skirt from asos

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