I always create the unnecessary predicament of “I have nothing to Wear” and stand in front of my closest with piles of clothes beneath me and then I think to myself this is a little lie because there is always something to wear,as I stare down at the pile.  This is when I call upon my old friend, the absolutely adorable midi skirt (I am shorter than the average gal, I still consider it a midi).  It goes with anything, works when you are feeling bloated (or in my case ate too many vegan burritos) and looks so lady chic no matter what.  This head-to-toe look was created at Noul (previously Loft 82) and is one of my favourite local #yeg shops.  I discovered it years ago and have been hooked ever since. Thankfully they have an online shop so you can have these goodies sent straight to your door (heuf).  I have linked a few additional midis I have been coveting below.

Have a great Wednesday all you beautiful people.  Lets do something fun! How about you do something kind for someone else today without expecting anything in return & I will do the same! Comment below and let me know what you did, I would love to hear!

Eleni xx

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