Traveling is one of my biggest passions.  Many of you have probably heard the quote which states, “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer” (source unknown).  My heart could not agree more.  Wherever I travel to, I love to see the culture through the eyes of it’s people, I love to eat the food they eat and swim in the water they swim in. Boy did we do that in Mykonos.  We saw the culture of my ancestors and experienced my heritage first hand.  It was so miraculous. If you have not done a lot of travelling I swear you must go.  Just save your pennies, book a ticket and GO.  You learn so much about yourself and the people you travel with.  My husband is just as crazy about experiencing new places too, thank heavens, cause if he wasn’t into it this could not have worked out (ha).  Every time we travel, we fall more in love with each other.  I know it sounds pretty cliche but it could not be more true.  When we were in Mykonos we lounged on a beach for hours and reflected on the life we share together. What a better place to reflect on all the things we have to be grateful for.  PS. Do not let the backpack fool you, we did not make it very far “backpacking”.  Travelling tip 101: Never let a bag that one carries on their back fool you–We wish we took suitcases!

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