long maxi cardigan dress from urban outfittersCardigan Dress, Maxi Cardigan, Booties (Similar Here), Hat, Faux Leather Bag (ON SALE)

Hey girlfriends! I must start off by saying I’m so sorry for being MIA this past week.  Tim’s gift for his 3oth was an amazing trip to San Fran! He’s always, always wanted to go (since I don’t ever stop talking about it) and it literally couldn’t have been any more perfect.  I’ll update you on all the trip details but I wanted to give you all an outfit post.  It’s crazy how attached I feel to you beautiful people but we really needed this time away with each other.  Away from work and our phones and all the other things that keep us from spending quality time together.

I found this gorgeous cardigan dress from Urban Outfitters and my heart is so sweet on it.  I would definitely recommend sizing up if you want to wear it as a dress like I did. I paired it with a long cardigan to create a more bohemian feel–just up my alley.  One of my dirty little secrets when travelling is to pack as many hats as possible.  My hair is crazy (incase you couldn’t tell) and I hate wasting time styling it everyday when it usually gets messed up by wind and humidity.  It’s so easy to toss them on and go.  I picked up this hat from Free People just before we left and I’m so happy I did.  It’s perfect!  Do hats really make you go bald? Cause I’m going to have zero hair pretty soon.  Check out that frizz ball, if I knew how to photoshop I would totally have fixed it (haha face palm). I hope you all have the most wonderful start to your weekend! xo Eleni

san fran
tan hat from free people
tan over the shoulder purse from old navy maxi cardigan from urban outfitters

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