Being pregnant is such an exciting time and honestly one of the most cherished milestones I have ever experienced.  Dressing while pregnant doesn’t have to be stressful when it comes to dressing your bump so I wanted to share a couple things that really have helped me in my past two pregnancies.  I absolutely love a simple maxi/midi dress with a cardigan over top.  The basic simple look is really comfortable and you can make it work with most seasons just by adding booties and a heavier sweater or flats and sun hat for warmer days.

I love fitted tops and tights as well when I’m pregnant.  It’s so fun being able to watch yourself grow and change and your style should be comfortable and true to what you would normally wear.  I haven’t had the best experiences in the past going into maternity stores so I have just shopped from stores I normally would that could transition after pregnancy as well.  I have linked some specific maternity items for those of you who are more interested in pieces made especially for pregnancy.  I also linked some maternity jeans I am loving and I still have yet to pick a pair.  I’ve never worn maternity jeans but I am very excited to get my self a pair since I am pregnant during the winter for longer this time around.  

I definitely am mindful about pieces I can wear postpartum and while I’m not pregnant either.  I have linked some items I am loving and I hope you guys find this helpful. 

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