peace on earth

Our hearts have had a very heavy week so I wanted to take a second to come by and leave a little message to you all.  We’ve experienced a couple of personal issues this week and I hate being brief but on top of the news about Paris, Beruit, Japan, refugees who carry all that they own on their backs…and all the other hard things going on in this world everything has felt very heavy.  People everywhere are hurting so bad.  My cousin and her daughter have to experience the 5 year anniversary of the day her husband and son were taken from them in a horrible explosion in Mexico.  We celebrate the life and mourn in the loss of our childhood friend’s mother who was also taken from this world in the most horrific way, exactly ten years after we lost our friend Mike. After what happened yesterday, I just feel so much pain within my heart. 

 It is in the most difficult times like this that we remember just how precious life is.  How important it is to be kinder than necessary, give more than we have and love so much deeper than we ever knew we could.  
Forgive those around you who may have done you wrong.  Grant yourself the peace you deserve.  Make nice with your enemies. Spend less time focusing on what you hate about others and more time loving yourself and those around you.  Life is hard but I most certainly believe that we make it harder than it needs to be.  What has happened in Paris is absolutely heartbreaking and so much of heart goes out to everyone who lost someone they love.    

My wish is that we can remember Peace begins with each one of us.    

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