beach waves with tressemePerfectly (un)done Waves Collection by TRESemme

Morning ladies! Some of the hottest trends this summer when it comes to hair are effortless (un)done looking waves.  Everywhere we turn we are seeing wavy looks that we all wish we could easily achieve, hairstyles that don’t take all day to accomplish and that will last well into the night.  

I’m thrilled to share I’ve found the perfect line that has made creating beautiful waves easier than ever. I was impressed how easy it was for me to get lose boho styled braids, beach waves, and an effortless hollywood look with TRESemmé’s new Perfectly (un)Done Waves Collection

undone curlsBeach Waves

In order to achieve beach waves I like to reach for the Sea Salt Spray and Waves Creation Sea Foam.  You’re going to love them and they have easily become some of my favourites from the collection. I simply add the Waves Creation Sea Foam to my wet hair and then towel dry.  After, I’ll lightly apply the Sea Salt Spray and blow dry for a quick and easy beach wave style.  I like to scrunch the strands between my hands to create some natural waves. I then quickly go over with my wand or straighter and curl out pieces that might need a little extra wave.  I then finish off with some Ultra Brushable Hairspray and easily have created some beautiful beach waves.
boho braids tutorial
hair braid tutorialLoose Boho Styled Braids

Loose boho braids are probably the easiest (and one of my favourite) styles to pull off.  Not only are they super fast but they work really well with a couple days old of hair.  If you’re styling the same day you wash then simply shampoo and condition as you normally would. Apply the styling mouse to your damp towel dried hair.  Allow hair to dry or blow dry if you wish.  You can quickly run some loose waves through with your flat-iron as this will allow the braid to hold better.  Spray your loose waves with the Ultra Brushable Hairspray, choose the type of braid you want, create it and you’re done! Simple and so on trend. 


hollywood hair with tresemmehollywood hairstyleshollywood hair tutorialHollywood Style Waves

If you’re feeling glamorous or are heading out for a night on the town you may want to get the perfect Hollywood waves.  One thing we always notice is celebs part their hair to one side and create big luscious curls when attending events.  In order to achieve this look I used a curling wand after shampooing and conditioning with the TRESemmé (un)Done Product.  After the curling was complete I brushed my hair and sprayed all around with the Ultra Brushable Hairspray. I like to brush the curls out one more time to make them look a little more (un)Done but if your hair doesn’t hold super well then I would skip out on the second brushing completely.


Not only does my hair style amazingly when I use the (un)Done Waves products but it holds throughout the day which is every girls dream.  

I’m obsessing over how the whole collection leaves my hair feeling weightless and as if I didn’t use any product at all. The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and are hydrating but still leave a lot of volume.  I don’t normally love using hairspray but I’m pretty sure I’m hooked on this one already.  

I’m grateful to have found a product line that is just as easy on the hair as it is on the pocket and I obviously wanted to share it with you all. I’ve already shared this salon quality products with all of my girlfriends and they are just as excited as I am.  You can get your product just in time for summer right here.

I hope you are all doing incredible and having a wonderful spring!  Eleni xo

Achieve the beautiful wavy styles you love! The new TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done WavesTM collection with Sea Kelp extract, infuses hair with texture for natural looking waves for an all over gorgeously (un)done wavy look. Achieve effortless, natural looking Beach, Boho and Hollywood waves that last all day! Discover the entire Perfectly (un)Done WavesTM collection at tresemme.ca.


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by TRESemmé via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of TRESemmé.


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