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Huge shout out to these poor quality iPhone photos!  I took some on my camera but couldn’t find the energy at the moment to upload, edit etc etc etc.  So here they are as is. I had a minute while nursing and figured I would get up a post before I decided to run away again (I’m kidding but I’ll for sure share my experience while away asap!).

First of all, thank you all so much for stopping by and sticking around! One thing I have missed is the community and interacting with you all so I am very grateful you are here.  I have a couple posts already written answering some of the most asked questions from Instagram about my time away and baby Arrow and I will get those ones up ASAP as well.

Now back to the bday, how on earth is my baby girl two?  It seems like just yesterday I held her for the very first time.  She is so loving, extremely impatient (=]) and infatuated by all animals (especially llamas).  She could spend all day playing with her babies, colouring or reading books.  This tiny girl can chat for hours at a a time and loves exploring nature.  We couldn’t be any more in love with the tiny being she is and we think she had a really good time at her second birthday party.

For her party I asked her if she wanted a puppy party or a llama party and she was VERY excited for the llama option so we went ahead with that.  I used a lot decor from around my house, Arrow’s nursery and our patio to help cut back on costs because, well, she’s 2 haha. Probably a good thing she suggested the Llama theme because I don’t have too many doggy things laying around other than a couple of Yorkies. I also like to reuse some things like the garland, birthday balloons and table touches from party to party so you’re not constantly wasting.  

The rest I just ordered online and found a couple odds and ends at HomeSense.  WHO knew llamas were such a thing right now and this was going to be so easy to put together?  I even found a llama shirt for her at Zara that conveniently fit the colour scheme. 

Another way I find is easy to cut back on costs is to bake yourself. My sister in law and I baked and decorated all the desserts and I’m so grateful for all of her help. Cakes, cookies and cupcakes can be pretty pricey to order these days and we had fun doing them! I’m not artistic in any way and we happened to put this all together quite easily.  Tim and her put the balloon arch together in a matter of minutes using balloon decorative strip–it was honestly so easy (or at least they said it was! I was supervising that part).  We used eco friendly balloons and compostable straws to help with our carbon footprint as well.  

We had a burrito bar that was 100% vegan and served mango lemonade punch just to try and keep the same vibe flowing.  I hope you guys loved this simple idea and I appreciate you being here so much.  

Big hugs and so happy to be back,

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