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Hello Loves.  It feels like forever since I’ve written and connected with you all.  I have 100% stepped back from Convey The Moment.  I felt at times I was blogging just for the sake of blogging instead of sharing insightful/exciting things worth sharing.  Since then I’ve come to realize how much happier I have been.  I started this blog to inspire and share my lifestyle with others but found myself caught up in the trend of doing what everyone else is doing.  This was a HUGE struggle for me.  I for sure was feeling a void and began to realize my posts were no longer serving me.

After questioning what was really important and what I really wanted to gain from this blog I immediately realized I hadn’t really been living with an intention.  A solid purpose that would not only better myself but hopefully better my surroundings as well.  Since then I’ve spent my days focusing on directing my energy to better serve myself and others.

With this all being said, there are some seriously amazing, talented bloggers out there who LOVE what they do and are unique in what they do. That is what is so important. I wasn’t loving what I was putting out. I needed to take the time to focus on loving what I’m doing.  Next week I’m heading off to Utah for the Soulstice Retreat and I cannot even wait.  This will be a time to really seek clarity and focus my energy positively. I actually am very excited and I hope you guys follow along as I’ll be sharing my adventures while I’m there.

Of course I’m the farthest from being perfect and this will always be a work in progress but there were specific things I found I was doing that were actually making me feel unhappy. This list haa really helped me out–with the occasional beer on the side.  I’m laughing because it’s true but I know I’m not alone in feeling like you need to take accountability for some of the feelings you may be having. Anyways, here are 10 ways that I have found to really help me live with intention.  

10 Ways to Live with Intention

1. Focus on the present moment.  We here this all the time but it is so true. Don’t focus on what you cannot change, yesterday has already passed. Tomorrow is tomorrow and unfortunately a waste of a worry.  Right now is the only time that really matters.  I know this has been the hardest for myself so it’s something I have to reiterate on a daily basis.

2. Do things you love. I’m a strong believer that if you hate your job you should quit it.  I know it’s not practical for everyone but life is so short to just get by.  Make every day count.  Though we all have to do things we don’t enjoy try to make the best of it and fill your time with what makes you happy.  Go for a bike ride, join a painting class or just spend quality time with those around you–whatever it is, have fun.

3. Serve Others.  We have always been about volunteering but to actually put time aside and commit to it has really helped to make us feel more fulfilled.  Even if you can’t find the time/energy to do something organized it helps to offer a hand to a friend who could use it.

4. Find feelings of contentment.  Stop focusing on what anyone else is doing.  If you don’t like it, recognize it and forget it. Worry about yourself. Find gratitude for what you have instead of focusing on all the things others are doing. Start living your life instead of wasting time analyzing theirs.  I honestly have had to question myself and why I am worried about others and understood I wasn’t counting my blessing enough to realize how content I should be feeling.

We all have so much more once we take the time to stop pointing out others flaws/mistakes/things we just straight up hate about them and start embracing and living our own lives. This has probably been one of my greatest lessons lately to living with more purpose and feeling happier.

5.  Appreciate your surroundings.  Whether this be people, a place or energies.

6. Put the phone down. Guilty! I would find myself feeling bored so I would scroll aimlessly or even worse it became a habit.  I want to create a world where our children don’t forget what it was like to have to use their brains. Remember those road trips where you were forced to read a book or engage in a conversation with your siblings?  I want our children to know this struggle–which in turn is a blessing. I honestly challenge you to shut off and forget whats going on within those tiny little screens.  I was shocked how much I can get up to in a day.

7. Play with Abandon. Be carefree and just do.  We recently got bikes and I honestly can’t remember the last time I just let go.  I mean to actually release all concern and just do.

8. Let go. Feel like somethings on your mind all the time?  Acknowledge it and release it. If something or someone is really weighing you down remember this isn’t a healthy feeling.  We have all been there and we have all done it and that’s ok.  It’s never to late to create healthier thoughts.

9. Forgive.  Forgive yourself for mistakes you have made.  Forgive others for mistakes they have made.  The more you release the better you will feel.  I remember when I first started doing yoga/meditation I was so confused with how hippie these peeps were, but in all reality they are the happiest people I know.  I’ve gained so many lessons from each person I have worked with and its undeniable the power of the mind.  If someone is unkind to you I’ve recently learned to not jump to saying how unhappy they are so they want to bring others down.  I instead just like to brush it off.  Having them feel unwell doesn’t make me feel any better so why is it I am trying to justify their behaviours?  Perhaps to make myself feel better?  Though it may be very true, it may not be.  Just let it go.

10. Have a drink and chill out.  If you don’t drink then eat a good old bag of potato chips and if you’re me–do both at once.  Life is way to short to waste time and energy on things that really shouldn’t matter.  So eat good food, drink some good drinks and spend all your extra time playing.


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