Girlfriendssss, I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve written a blog post.  I’ve been missing the roots of it all, why I started and why I’m here so I’m happy to be back and feeling like I’m LOVING what I’m doing.  Over the years I’ve gotten distracted, starting a food ig, became a mom x 3, kept trying to figure out what makes me happy and what I’m doing to contribute to this world.  After a lot of reflection, I’ve realized that I missed being creative with my outfits and sharing my everyday style on top of family updates.  Every time I paint or draw or am creative with the kids Tim always jokes that I am secretly artistic (I am not) and undeniably creative.  To be honest, I sometimes see parts of this in myself and would love to tap into that more but how it relates to everyday style!
I hope at some point I can encourage moms all around that it helps to keep a piece of you going and for myself one part of that is playing with outfits.  We change when we become mothers, we grow in unimaginable ways but I think there is so much value in keeping space for what you love and are passionate about. We can so easily get lost in it all, the diaper changes, the early mornings, the up in the middle of the night, snack running, meal cooking, house cleaning–alll day everyday.

I’m not complaining, but to be honest, I haven’t had a minute off since before I was pregnant with Oaks.  I’ve dreamed of this life but I also do not want to deny the realities of having zero support and zero breaks, it’s starting to hit me for sure!  I need a little something for me. 
Incase you’ve missed any points lately, In 2020 I was hospitalized for 3 weeks with a vasa previa (confined to a room without seeing my babes) during a pandemic, had a c section, brought a new baby home with two toddlers, had to uproot and move to a different country for my husbands job, had a health scare with one of the babes, moved to another state, and now are in the middle of deciding what do we do now?  We haven’t seen family in a year (which if you know us we love the ones we love) and our hearts are heavy missing our people so much and with a stuff going on at home too.  We loveeeee it here, but we also loveee the people at home.  I think each and everyone of you can say, it’s been an interesting year and a bit and I am tired.  Emotionally, physically. Just tired which I’m sure so many of you are too.

Now if you’ve been around since my facebook days or are an OG @conveythemoment reader then there is no denying I love me a little everyday style with a side passion for anything and everything (vegan)food.  I wanted a place where my community can come back to off of Instagram where we can connect.

After this year and a bit, I’m going to leave you with four tips that have helped me keep my self grounded (for the most part) during this all:

1. Sleep.  Sounds ridiculous but it is the ONE thing that makes me feel the most like me.  Sound impossible as a mother? Do what you need to do to get it in.  I’m a night owl and Tim is a morning person, we work perfectly together.  Work with your partner to make sure you’re doing what you need to do to feel your best.
2.  Take a minute for you.  Whether you’re a mother or not, nothing is more important than this.  Turn off your phone, turn off any outside distraction and do something you LOVE. Yoga, read your favourite book, have a bath, eat GOOD food, practice any form of self care that makes you feel like a better you.

3. Turn. Off. Your. Phone.   I cannot echo this enough.  Replace the scrolling with something that makes you feel better, that fills you up, that helps you learn, that connects you to nature.   I don’t care how ridiculous this sounds, we need MORE of this. I promise you’re not missing anything. After you’ve done all the things and still feel like scrolling…then scroll your heart out.  There is always a place to do that.. I love taking an hour at the end of the day when the kids go down to sit and scroll and post and comment.

4. Do what makes YOU happy.  We live in a world where I feel like sometimes we inadvertently live for other people. If you don’t want to to do it, express that.  If you don’t want to answer your phone, you don’t have to. If something isn’t making you happy, try to take the steps to change it.  Remove toxic people, guilt free.  You deserve to do what makes YOUR life peaceful.

Lastly, here are some of my style posts lately! Feel free to let me know what you would like to see or what would help you Tips? Making use of your own closet? Capsule pieces? I’d love to know!

Each photo below is shop-able, just click on it and it’ll take you where you need to be! If you want to see everything I’ve shared lately you can find me here.
Loved chatting, talk soon! 

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