The people of Jamaica are the sweetest people.  We had a stop over here when we were on a cruise for  trip with the company my husband works for and let me tell you, I LOVED Jamaica.  Who are we kidding? I love everywhere I travel too, but there was something special about Jamaica.  We took a bus with my husbands team and co manager and drove off into the Jungle.  We sang our national anthem and made our tour guide sing hers.  We were in absolute aw when we arrived at the falls.  I remember my feet were hurting from my sandals so I literally took them off and explored barefoot through the Jungle it was so spectacular.  Everyone else climbed up the fall but after I saw a tarantula (okay, maybe not an actual tarantula but the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life) I was staying put.  My girlfriend Kimberlee literally had to carry me through the water because there was a huge rock in the middle of the water that had approximately 3 million spiders on it.  My heart stopped in Jamaica.  I remembering asking our tour guide before stepping foot off the bus, “Are there any spiders I should be aware of?”  He responded with, “We are in Jamaica man, we don’t have any spiders in Jamaica.”  I was quickly disappointed.  Do not get me wrong, I’m always up for an adventure. I mean minutes before I was swimming with a dead rat and that did not even phase me.  The spiders, however; I can do without.

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