There is nothing more intentional than getting up, grabbing your mat and practicing yoga (or whatever your thing might be).  The way our minds are challenged during a flow or meditation is one of the most grounding experiences a human can have.  The effort to be silent, to be still, to be present in that exact moment. This.  To be present in this exact moment.  Why do we as humans struggle so deeply with this? I honestly believe this is what draws me to my mat the most, the challenge in which my mind is faced with every time I practice. 

I was in class the other day and the teacher said, “there are no medals in yoga, no matter how hard you flow, there is not medal for that”. She explained how people in the West (ie. North America) are so focused on recognition and motivated by competition which can actually be detrimental to our well being.   I think this is why my soul is so drawn to practice.  Zero competition. Zero comparison.  Practice teaches you so much about ego and how irrelevant it is.  I honestly believe the ego is just a voice within you that needs to be conditioned. Our society has created this expectation to always want more, to always work towards more to always have more.  But what if we focused on all that we did have?  To be content with what we have accomplished thus far? To work at having less?  I believe we would live happier. I know I do when I’m intentional like this. 

When you’re on your mat, no one else in the room sees you.  It is truly a practice for yourself and though there are physical health benefits to practicing the true strength lies within the mind. 

Since returning to blogging after my tiny hiatus I have returned with a new set of eyes.  Ones that I feel are true to myself.  It isn’t about anything other than what I feel my purpose here on earth is.  To share inspiration as it comes, to be vulnerable and tell my truth, to support other humans with whom I share this earth with, to encourage other beings to live a little more intently and with a little more awareness.  I feel we are all given a gift and we need to listen to what this is. I can’t sing, or draw really well (though Harlow thinks I’m amazing), or paint beautiful photos but those just aren’t my strengths and this doesn’t make me less of anything because of that.

When we scroll, log on, exercise, or be, it is so important that we do it for the soul purpose of ourselves.  We were all created differently for perfect reason.The holidays are here and to me this is such a time of reflection.  Though I don’t love sitting in the past I do believe it is effective to reflect.  As we were hanging our stockings at the beginning of the month my heart went to that place.  The place of infertility.  Of longing for a baby of our very own.  The feelings that surfaced reflected suffering and pain but they also allowed space for joy and contentment.  Those things we dreamed of having so badly were right there.  Everything you have right now, is something you once wanted.  I remember the exact little antique picket fence we hung our stockings on five years ago, and how I wished we were hanging one for the baby we were longing for.  The very same pom garland we hung on a different fire place, but still a place that surfaced those feelings.  Those moments let me reflect on my pain but gave me an opportunity to let it go as well.  This year I get to hang stockings on the exact little picket fence and I can’t even describe the joy that surfaces knowing I get to hang two extra ones for my two beautiful miracles.  I had tears in my eyes while Harlow danced around to the Christmas music we had playing and Arrow was rocking in his little bassinet.

This holiday I think it’s so important to bring awareness to being present and finding peace with where you are at.  IF  you’re waiting for your miracles, embrace that wait. Gratitude will follow.  If you’re having the hardest moment in your life try to recognize these feelings.  Count your blessings.  Write them down.  You have everything you’ll ever need in this moment, right here, right now.   The story that is created for us always happens to be better than the one we would have written for ourselves.

Biggest hugs, 

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