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I can’t even  begin to say Thank You enough to every single one of you who supported, watched, commented and shared A Letter From Me.  My girlfriend said to me the other day, “Storytelling Heals” and wow was she right.  I wish I could sit down and write back each and every single email, comment or share (though we have been trying really hard) but the response was beyond my comprehension. I had to put out a post saying how touched we are, how much we have cried and how grateful we feel.  I never saw Convey The Moment coming to where it is today and we just don’t know how to express just how grateful the both of us feel.  We have literally read everything that has come our way, watched every single snap and cried over every comment.  I am so happy I can live an honest life with you guys and feel so right about my decision to get so personal and share how deceiving social media can really be.  I can’t even comprehend the number of people who felt connected to our story in some way and that is more than I could EVER have asked for. 

This was honestly the hardest thing I have ever done and each one of you has touched and changed us in some way or another.  So with all of our hearts, Thank You so much. YOU GUYS have added to much to our lives.  We will be documenting most of our journey from here on out and you can also follow along on snapchat (elenimcmullin) to see some everyday things we are doing.  I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.  Thank You, for loving me at my worst.  xx E   
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