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This may not be the most exciting thing you’ll read all day long but it is very important!  I understand cleaning your makeup brushes can seem tedious and time consuming but it has to be done.  Properly cleaning your brushes will aid the removal of dead skin cells, old makeup, bacteria and oils.  

I highly recommend washing your brushes at least once a week (or between every single use if you are applying makeup onto other people).  This will help prevent breakouts and even allow for a better application of your makeup.  My favourite time to wash them is after I have applied that days makeup because the brushes take at least a couple of hours to air dry.

Things You Will Need:

  • Your brush set
  •  A bowl
  • A gentle cleanser.  I like to use a brush cleanser from Sephora but a Gentle Baby Shampoo works equally as good.  If you have a Beauty Blender then I suggest using a Beauty Blender Cleanser for that.
  • Clean white towel
  • Clean running water

Step 1: The first thing I like to start off doing is washing my hands.  If I am having a difficult time creating a lather in the bowel I will use the palm of my hand depending on how much debris and buildup has accumulated so I like a clean slate.

Step 2: Place a small amount (around the size of an almond) to the base of the bowl with a little bit of water.  Circulate the brush around the base of the bowl creating a good lather.  Depending on what the brush was used for you will see a change in colour in the bowl.  I like to rinse of the brush half way through with cold water, apply a little more soap to the palm of my hand and continue until there is no colour change in the soap.

Step 3: Rinse under cold water with the brush side pointed downwards.  It is important (especially if you have bamboo handles) the water is not soaking into the handle.

Step 4: Dab the ends of the brushes along a clean white towel.  I can hear my mother now, telling me not to get my makeup on her nice white towels, I however highly suggest using white because you can ensure there is no makeup left on the brushes by how white the towel remains.

Step 5: I also like to clean the handles of my brushes because they too cary and transfer bacteria and other pathogens we do not want hanging around our faces.  I suggest using a disinfecting wipe and and clean the entire handle and base without touching the brush bristles.

Step 6: Lay the brushes out on a towel to air dry over night.  I like to put a thin book underneath the towel to create a slight angle with the brushes pointing downwards to allow them to properly dry.  It is important not to place the brushes in a standing position because you want to prevent water from getting into the ferrel which will help prevent the growth of mold.

Step 7.  Once your brushes are dry store them in a clean upright standing brush holder instead of throwing them into the base of your makeup bag.  The cleaner you keep them the better.

The Beauty Blender

Unlike your makeup brushes, the BB has to be cleaned every single time you use it.  Since it resembles a sponge it unfortunately collects bacteria the same way.  This does not mean it isn’t an amazing tool for applying makeup it just requires a little more TLC.  To make it easy try washing your BB right after every single makeup application to make it part of your routine, this way it is ready for you when you need it next.

Step 1: Wet the BB with warm water.

Step 2: Apply a dime sized amount of BB cleanser to the BB and lather well.

Step 3: Rinse it out until no makeup residue is visible.  You may notice discolouration in the BB itself but if no makeup is rinsing off this should be clean enough.

Step 4: Squeeze all the water out and dampen on a clean white towel (inspecting for any left over makeup, if you see some then just repeat from step one until no makeup residue is visible).

Step 5: Set on a dry clean towel to air dry.  Do not apply direct heat to your BB.

Happy bacteria killing,

So much love,
Nurse Eleni xx

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