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The NUMBER one question I get, okay two questions: Is that your real hair and how do you do style your hair?  Well my loves, I shall start this series of ‘You Fo’ Rea’ by answering, yes this is my real hair.  I do dye my hair every so often to give it a richer, darker look because I do have warmer undertones which aren’t my thing. I never wear extensions of any sort just because I don’t really love the feeling of them.  BUT if you do need to add extensions to create thick luscious curls and such then go for it. You’ll want to invest in a good fair and care for them like you would your real hair.

SO, to get started there are two major secrets to getting thick, full hair: Product and Tools. This is one area that I can’t cheap out in because when I do my hair feels it.  First of all, I need a blow dryer strong enough to tackle a horses mane and a wand that will actually curl and hold my hair.  Secondly, we spend all this money getting our hair done so the more you care for it the less it will cost in the long run.

I have linked some of my favourite products below but I seriously swear by Pureology, Bumble and Bumble and Living Proof. They do cost a little more than your drugstore products but I feel I use less and my hair needs less work in the long run.

There is a right line for whatever type of hair you have so just peak around and see. IF you have thick, frizzy, dry, poofy, colour damaged (ombre fail) uncontrollable hair like me then a dry/hydrating formula works perfectly.  I like to switch between the three lines because I feel it keeps my hair on it’s feet.  Does that even make sense?  

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Tools are seriously game changers. I remember back to my 5 inch flatiron and am honestly curious how that ever worked.  It was interchangeable with my crimper….how many of ya’ll had one of those. (Laughing- I’m officially old).  SO my hot tools I love are the GHD Flatiron and the Nume Titan 3.  Get these two and you’ll never need another tool in your life.  If you are looking for a two in one the flatiron can also be used to curl your hair, just creating a different curl than the wand.  Warning the NUME gets pretty hot so you’ll want to invest in a heat protectant as well, thankfully a little goes a long way.

I hope this helped and I’m planning on doing some more hair series for you all so please feel free to let me know what you would like to see! Happy Wednesday, Eleni xo.

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